The Republic Of Singapore

A Country of Wonders By: Abhiram K Masengill 6

Introduction to Singapore

Singapore is a city-state. Made of 63 small island and a capital of Singapore, Singapore is a bustling economic trade center. The beaches of Singapore are also very beautiful and are great tourist spots. This economy has made the country of Singapore very wealthy.The large island called Singapore is 250 square miles and the other islands all ad up to about 20 square miles.

Singapore is also a very important port in Southeast Asia. The country of Singapore is also one of the most densely populated countries in the world.The majority group is Chinese and one of the minority groups is Malay.Many people are also Indian.Come to Singapore and experience a place like no other from the beaches to the cities and the nicest people.

"Diversified Everywhere"

Geography and Climate of Singapore

Much of Singapore's little land is at sea level. Even the highest point in the country is only 581 feet above sea level. Not much land in Singapore is fit for farming either. This is why the economy mainly depends on its high technology industry.

The climate in Singapore is Hot and Humid.This makes everyday good for swimming when you are here!The average temperature is about 80 degrees and the temperature never gets too hot because mild breezes keep it cool.The rainy season is from November to March.

People and culture of Singapore

Singapore is home to some of the nicest people and most diverse cultures in the world.As I already wrote in the introduction Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.This isn't necessarily bad it just mans that wherever you go you can meet kind new people!The majority group is Chinese and some minorities are Indian and Malay.As Singapore is a business hotspot many foreign people also live and work here.

The four official languages are English,Tamil,Malay and Mandarin Chinese.The constitution of Singapore also states you are free to practice any religion.Some of the main religions are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, and Hinduism.Singapore is a very diverse country, many people wear western clothes but some prefer their traditional clothing.The three main variety of food in Singapore are Chinese,Indian and Malay.Western fast-food places are also available.there are also large restraunts that serve international food such as Mexican food.


Singapore's government is a Republic. The the person with the most seats in Parliament is called the prime minister.The prime minister chooses other cabinet members who carry out the government's operations.The head of state or president is elected by the people for 6 year terms.The president is the one who chooses the prime minister.

All citizens over the age of 21 must vote.Singapore's largest political party is the people's action party,or PAP.Since elections began in Singapore this party has won every election and held every seat in the Parliament.Though a small country Singapore has its own army navy.

Singapore's economy

Singapore has a thriving economy that mainly depends on its high technology industry.Before the 1960s Singapore was mainly a trading country.It is now surprising to see how much its economy and the country even have progressed as as whole. Today Singapore is a international economic trade center.With its beautiful beaches and high rise building Singapore is also a popular destination for tourists.

The unemployment in Singapore is also very low.One of the reasons is because the government has an employment agency which helps people find jobs.Farming plays a small roll in the economy of Singapore.Much of the land in Singapore is not farm-able. Singapore's waters are home to many different fish.This also makes Singapore an importer of aquarium fish.