Bomb Planted

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Terrorists and Terrorists

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online multiplayer shooter video game created by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It includes game modes for both casual and competitive players. These game modes can include team death match, search and destroy or arms race. The main point of these modes is to earn points by killing the opposing team. There are always two sides in the game, counter terrorists and terrorists.
CS:GO - pasha BIG BICEPS (Best Moments)

Game modes

In counter strike there are many modes of gameplay. These modes are split first into two, one for casual gameplay and one more for competitive. In casual mode there is team death match, arms race, and search and destroy. In team death match the point of the game is to kill enemy players to earn points for your team. Arms race is very similar to team death match except every time you get two kills you switch to a new weapon, first to get through all the weapons wins. Search and destroy is the only game mode for competitive but it is also available in casual. In this game mode you have one life and don't respawn until the end of the round. The point of the game is to plant the bomb or defuse or even kill all the enemy players. At the end of each match you earn experience to level up.

Are you a silver?

There are two ranking systems in counter strike. One for both casual game play and competitive which is progressed through playing games and earning experience. When you level up you may earn a skin. The other ranking system is specifically for competitive. The lowest rank is "silver I" and the highest is "Global Elite." This rank is only affected in the competitive game mode and the rank is increased, or decreased, depending on how many rounds you win or lose. This rank sets you up with other players of similar rank so you have a chance of actually winning.


In addition to normal tournaments held by third party organizations, Valve (the publisher of the game) also organizes tournaments, better known as ‘majors.’ Majors include large prize pools which are crowd funded by the counter strike community via keys bought in the game. The prize pools in the tournaments in 2013 and 2014 had a total value of $250,000. Pasha Biceps is an example of a competitive player who plays counter strike for a living and does twitch streaming as well as play tournaments to earn income.

The Unboxing RETURNS - CS:GO Case Openings

Hundreds of Skins

In CS:GO, there are a wide variety of skins to buy with money or unlock after winning matches. There is a total of 43 gun types and 11 different knives and each of them have a wide variety of skins. In addition to skins, there are 7 different quality of weapons that add diversity to the game. The quality of the guns is color coded on the title of the skin. The highest quality gun color is red and they are normally more expensive to buy outright and hard to get from unboxing a case. For Knives, they have only one quality which is gold and normally knives are worth a hundred dollars to four hundred dollars.

Community Market

In CS:GO, there is a way to buy and sell almost everything in the game. That option comes through Steam. Through Steam, players can list items that they received in game or through opening cases. The market is a place where you can spend or make real money on selling items such as skins and knives. To put it into perspective, the most expensive item you can buy or sell on the market is the Huntsman's Knife. This item is worth $418.18 at the moment. Just because this item has a high price tag does not mean that people wont buy it, this knife is on of the most coveted things on the market when it becomes available. To compare it to real life, this same knife is available on Amazon for around $250, so in reality, you're going to pay more for a virtual item than the actual thing. So the next time someone tells you that something virtual can't be worth more than the actual thing show them CS:GO.