Using Social Networks

Different Ways Of Using Social Networks

Network Safety

  • Some Networks are set up just for kids to be safe
  • Even such things as code words that your parents might not know can be dangerous.

Creating A Profile

  • When you are creating a profile on a website , they ask you to put info on the website about yourself. Make sure it's not personal info.
  • Most sites have limits of what you can say and do on the website.


We Hoped You Enjoyed

Think About It

  1. Next time you get online think to yourself am I being safe?
  2. Also make good choices
  3. Finally have fun but be safe.

Think, is it that important?

Have fun and be safe.

Info that is personal about yourself is not ok to share

Never share your name, number, birth date, and etc.

Kindness is the key!



All pictures from IClipart

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