Tablet Collection Prep

Your Quick Guide to Tablet Collection Preparation

This newsletter contains tablet collection info including:

  • Moving large files from tablet to OneDrive (for teachers)
  • Saving files to OneDrive (for students) With a playlist to share with students!
  • General collection procedures
  • FAQs

Student Tablet Survey...coming soon...

The county will release a student survey about their experience with tablets. This will be release in the coming days as we are asking for as much feedback as possible. This will occur just prior to tablet collection in the Media Center on the grade levels specific day.

Collection Days by ELA Classes

  • Wednesday, May 13 -- 8th Grade
  • Thursday, May 14 -- 7th Grade
  • Friday, May 15 -- 6th Grade
  • Monday, May 18 through end of year -- collection of "trickling" devices/accessories

How can you help prepare students for turning in their devices?

To keep or not to keep...

  • Purge unwanted files: This is as important as locker clean up! Take 10 minutes one day to allow students to delete unnecessary content (especially photos and videos). In Gallery, students can open the camera, download and screenshot folders, tap the three stacked boxes in the upper right and select items to delete.

  • Back up wanted files: Although rising 7th and 8th graders will receive their tablet back, it is unclear what might happen to their tablets or their status as a student at this school. Students can use OneDrive to back up their documents directly from the tablet. This is a great option for ALL students (especially rising high-schoolers) as students will have their OneDrive accounts through 12th grade. See videos below about how-to back up files in OneDrive. If you rather send these videos to students' tablets (via your playlist), just ask me for the mp4 version!
Click here for a One Drive Tutorial for Teachers

There is no narration, only video on this link.

One Drive Upload Tutorial 4 22
Click here for the digital spaces PLAYLIST!

This playlist includes the mp4 version of the One Drive tutorial for students and helpful login information links and documents. Share with students so they can clean/back up their files accordingly.

Q: What do I do with my classroom chargers?
A: Turn them in after your grade level's turn in date.

Q:What do I do with my power strip?

A: Keep this in your classroom.

Q: What do I do with my teacher tablet and charger?

A: Take this home with you for the summer.

Q: When is the last day for tablets to be given to new students and/or replaced?

A; Friday, May 8

Q: When will tablets that have not been turned in be locked?

A: Friday, May 22

Q: When will overdue lists be run (including charger and book fees)?

A: After tablet collection day (for grade level) and continuously until the end of the year

Q: What fees are associated with student tablets or chargers at the time of check in?

A: Students are responsible for turning in a tablet, charger and case. If the tablet is not returned (or returned broken), the student will receive a loss/damage form at the time of check in. The student will not be charged for damage or loss of devices unless this is their third offense ($35 fee). If a charger is not turned in upon check in, they will be assessed a $30 fee. Students will NOT be charged for stylus or earbuds. Students can pay for any associated fees with Ms. King.

Q: If a student does not have their tablet and accessories on collection day, what do I do?

A: Have the students return the item(s) to the media center (to Ms. King) as soon as possible. Any associated fees will be voided when the item is returned.