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debit- purchases, deducts money from your current account. credit- runs up an amount of money you will owe in the future. ways you can develop a positive history credit is by paying your bills on time, paying full amount, and avoid buying big tickets. apps you can use for finance are,, good budget, Mvelopes, bill guard, and pocket expenses.

good things about credit is, you can have protection on what you buy, makes it easier to buy things, and good for emergencies. bad things about credit is, card can be stolen, they charge big amounts of interest , and encourage people to spend money. ill tell you about "apr" apr is a yearly rate intereset on your credit. it is important because you need to know your rate of credit. what you do to find errors in credit reports is paying attention to your credit. ' national foundation for crediting'. is a good place to go for credit.

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