Defending the Ocean

Joining Together to Defend the Oceans!

Why We Do We Care?

You should care about our oceans because most the air that we breathe and consume for granted actually does not all come from trees and plants. Most of the oxygen that we breathe is produced by marine plants. That sounds pretty trivial, yet pretty cool; free air, free life, all is good in the world... Right? Well, not really... This is because we humans are polluting the oceans with our plastics, sewage, dead animals, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

What does pollution have to do anything with the oceans?

The answer is that because of our pollution, animals and plants alike are accidentally eating and drinking the pollution. If the animals and plants manage to survive the poison, any animal that consumes that poisoned animal becomes poisoned as well. This moves along the food chain until it reaches us, the reigning predators of the food chain.

In this smore, we will be talking more about plastic and noise pollution.

Human Pollution

All of the pollution in the ocean comes from us, the humans that share Earth's oceans with marine wildlife for both food and life. We eat the creatures around us and depend on them to survive, (Unless you're vegetarian or vegan!) yet we destroy their homes. Here are 2 things that we throw into the ocean that effect its ancient way of life:

  • Plastic is one of the many items that we place in the ocean that we purposely place in the ocean. Plastic has a devastating effect on all animals that depend on the oceans to supply them with life. Animals get caught in plastic and choke to death, while others mistake the plastic in their environment as food and consuming it, creating a problem in their digestive system; this causes the animal to die

The Mark of Trash that We Have Gifted to Our Blue, Blue Planet

Cool Sound Waves? Not Really...


Noise pollution?! There is such thing? Sadly yes, due to our advancements in technology, (Don't get me wrong, because these advancements are saving lives!) we have found a way to harness the power of sonar as well as other sound contraptions. This causes many problems for sonar based animals like whales and dolphins.

  • Sonar waves from military submarines disrupt the creatures that use sonar to live
  • Animals who use sonar to breed, maneuver and to find food; sonar waves from humans mess up the animals' sonar waves, causing them to hurt themselves and unable to find food
  • Whales and other sonar animals sometimes find themselves beached on the shores and their bodies are unable to support their weight and they die due to lack of oxygen and movement
  • Motor boats as well as other loud contraptions scare away aquatic animals from their homes and can cause problems for both humans and aquatic animals

What We Can Do to Help Our Oceans

With the our oceans being constantly polluted, what exactly can we do to help out?

Well you can:

  • Stop wasting plastics and throwing the on the ground
  • You can help raise money for organizations that are cleaning up the oceans
  • You can help raise awareness about ocean pollution!

We started the pollution, so naturally, it is our job to fix it. Why? Because no other creature on this planet has the ability to except for us. So lets work together to keep our oceans clean and healthy!

More Information About Pollution

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