The Cretaceous Time Period

Travel to what Earth was like 144-66 Million years ago!

Plant and Animal Life

What lived in the Cretaceous? Well, nature invented the first flower, and dinosaurs including the T. Rex dominated. The Cretaceous was also the time when the first snakes appeared. There was also a mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous that led to disappearances of many land and sea creatures (Including dinosaurs!!)

The T. Rex

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Major Geological Occurances

During the Cretaceous, there were many geological events. Some major events were when the continents moved towards their present day locations. Also during this time, America splits from Africa, and widespread volcanic activity occurred.

Earth in The Late Cretaceous

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Climate and Environment

The climate of the Cretaceous was warm, tropical, and humid. The environment had oceans and seas, as well as many active volcanoes. These active volcanoes had many volcanic eruptions as well.

Possible Climate/Environment in The Cretaceous

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Possible Attractions

Some possible attractions for might be when nature invented the flower, including early maple and magnolia trees, the extinction of about 85% of the species or the major explosion (be careful for this one)the vast seas of the cretaceous period, or maybe the breakup of supercontinent Gondwana is your thing.

Comfort and Safety

For comfort and safety, you may want to pack an extra pair of clothes, drinking or bottled water, food (meats, fruits and vegetables), and possibly a fishing pole and/or a bow and arrow.


Sadly, you will also probably face some dangers on your trip. Some of these dangers may include volcanic eruptions, dinosaurs, large mammals and snakes, along with poisonous plants and animals. It is also highly advised to bring food and clean drinking water.