Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of Feb. 25- March 1

Boosterthon Collection Reminder

I am so proud to be a McGowen family member! You guys worked so hard to get pledges and donations for us and we are well on our way to getting an iPad cart for our school! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Remember that the due date for the donations is Feb. 28th!

Grobe's Homeroom Only

Woohoo!! Our class's Boosterthon total was $27 per lap! That is outstanding and I am so proud of each of them. Because we are a team, we set some team goals to accomplish and we achieved a few of our goals! We received a PJ day for having 5 or more kids log on to fun in one night, we also won the privilege to chew gum during my class for reaching $10 per lap, and we received hat for the day for reaching $20 per lap! AND if all of my students collect 100 percent of their donations by the 28th, they will receive an additional PJ day! Here are the dates these fun things will take place for my homeroom kiddos!

Tuesday, Feb. 26: PJ day and chew gum in Grobe's class

Friday, March 1: Hat for the day

What's Happening @ McGowen?

Important Dates and This Week's Objectives

February 25- March 1

Tuesday: (Grobe Homeroom Only- PJ's for the Day and chew gun during Grobe's class)

PTA Night and MLK Presentation @ 6:30

Thursday: Boosterthon Collections Due

Friday: (Grobe Homeroom Only: Hat for the Day)

March 4- March 8

Tuesday: Open House 6:00-7:00



I will understand and continue to read a historical fiction novel, A Line in the Sand.

I will focus on character traits of the characters and sequence important events within the book.

I will finish reading Maniac Magee and discuss specific elements within the book.

Social Studies:

Explore the battle of Goliad and the battle of the Alamo.