By: Maddy .R. Buchholz

Type of Land

Colorado has rich soil and many minerals in the stone ground. There are minerals like: Coal, Gold, Silver, Oil and natural gases. If you like mountain climbing try climbing the great mountains in Colorado. With tops that really are covered in snow!

Places to Visit

You can visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. The R.M.N Park is a treasure it has mountains, lakes and wild life ! There's also Pikes Peak, Garden of The Gods and Denver, Botanic gardens and many many more! You can visit Denver Museum (of Nature and Science).

State History

Colorado is the 38th state its the U.S.A's 8th largest state. Some of Colorado has mountains and some have plains. It was discovered in the late 1500s. The Spanish referred to the land as "Colorado". Here are some facts best city/capital: Denver how big: 104,094 square miles state nicknames: centennial state, colorful Colorado.

Things To Do

You can try mountain climbing and reach places so high you can see most of Colorado!

Or... you can try adventuring the whole state! From up high in the sky to down low in the snow! Maybe you'll like to be down low and a little high by hiking another fun sport! You can fish for food and money or for fun! have a great weekend out fishing or have fun at work fishing sell your fish and get money people everywhere in Colorado have fun fishing! Visit the hot springs or go swimming in a lake both are great ideas in the summer days or winter for hot springs!