Boycott Alberta Potatoes

Boycott Alberta Potatoes cause they are being farmed by kids

What is this about?

The product being boycotted is Albertan potatoes. Alberta is unique for not having child labour laws that apply to industrial farming operations and farmers use that to their advantage, even if it is a family farm. As a result, many of Alberta's potatoes come from farms that have children as young as five working on them. This has lead David Swann, a former provincial opposition leader and liberal MLA, to ask Frito Lay, a popular snack food company to consider rejecting Alberta potatoes until Alberta changes its laws regarding child labour.

Why should we boycott this?

Hello, my name is David Swann. I am the leader of the boycott against Albertan potatoes, and have made this poster to show you why you should not buy Albertan potatoes. It will show farmers that we will not buy potatoes that are farmed by children and will make them hire adults and teens to work the farm. It is not right for children to be farming or using such big machinery, especially while unsupervised. These children should be at school, playing games and enjoying their youth while they still have it, not working on farms. Most of these children are probably not getting fair pay for adult labour, which is unfair. It's almost free labour for the owners, and the children aren't getting what they deserve for their work. These children aren't getting a good start with these jobs, and making such young kids do adult labour like that won't encourage them to enjoy or look forward to jobs and working later on in life. Letting small children use big machinery like the ones on the farms is unsafe for them and everyone around them. The children could get injured easily, and if they aren't being properly supervised, who would they go to for help? Would you let your child spend their days in an unsupervised potato factory? Don't let these children work like this! If you agree that children shouldn't be working in conditions like these, avoid buying Albertan grown potatoes, and maybe write a letter to your local government explaining that until they change their child labour laws, you will boycott their potatoes!