Cardinal Post

February 2023

Student Voice and Student Choice

The Cardinal Post school newsletter is written by our Thorpe Creek students. Please remember that we are young authors, young journalists. We are mimicking real world journalism and writing with short deadlines and prioritizing breaking news. We hope you enjoy our articles and notice how our writing, photography, and observations grow and mature throughout this school year!

Thank you for reading!

the TCE 3rd and 4th grade Newsletter Club

Important Dates

Friday, March 3: PTO Candy Bar Bingo

Friday, March 10th: Third Quarter Ends

Monday, March 13th: FLEX Day (no school unless needed)

Friday, March 31st - Friday, April 7th: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Monday, April 17th: iLearn Begins (for 2-3 weeks)

Wednesday, April 26th: 3:00-7:00 p.m. book fair in our Science Lab
Thursday, April 27th:3:00-7:00 p.m. book fair in our Science Lab
5:00-7:00 TCE PTO Pancake Dinner in our Cardinal Cafe
5:00-7:00 p.m. student writing showcase in our gym

Friday, May 19th: Field Day

Thursday, May 25th: Last Day of School

Cardinal Character- February

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Candy Bar Bingo

By: Delaney

Candy Bar bingo is coming back Friday March 3rd from 5pm to 7pm!

What candy bar bingo is you come to school and they’re multiple games of bingo and if you get a bingo you get a candy bar. Different teachers call out numbers so ask your teacher if they are calling out numbers.

By: Madeline

Did you know candy bar bingo is coming up on March 3rd? Do you know what candy bar bingo is? Candy bar bingo is a bingo competition that you win candy bars. It is an after school activity from 5:00 to 7:00. Sometimes they will call random things and if you qualify in that category then you can get some candy. That is candy bar bingo.

Candy Bar Bingo Auction Link

Take a look at the memory maker silent auction for Candy Bar Bingo.

Best Buddies @ Candy Bar Bingo

By: Tynlee and Delaney

At candy bar bingo TCE's Best Buddies Club will be selling crazy socks to wear on March 21 to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. All the money will be donated to the Best Buddies Friendship Walk . This walk is all about supporting inclusion. There will be a lot of different designs and colors on the socks. One pair of socks it will cost $2 Stop by our table on your way in or out of Candy Bar Bingo, looking forward to see everyone rocking their socks.
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Spring Pictures

Spring picture day is coming up on Wednesday, March 22 at Thorpe Creek Elementary. Having a spring picture taken is OPTIONAL. Spring pictures are not used as part of our school yearbook. Paper fliers will be coming home with students next week. If you are planning on your child having a spring picture taken, you may place your online order at:

Picture Day ID: EVTK99G9N

Yearbooks are on SALE

Hello TCE Cardinals! We have some important news to share with you. Yearbooks are on SALE! The cost is $16 dollars each and orders are due by March 24th. Order now at and enter the code: 14543723. Happy ordering!

Author Visit

By: Keely

Books, books, and books we all love books! That’s why I’m super excited to tell you about a special guest at school! An author came to Thorpe Creek Elementary! Jason Funk, the author of “ The Bus Seat” and The Merchant Of Misfortune” came to our school. Jason Funk is an author with autism. He went through many challenges with autism. One of the cool things about Jason is that he went to Thorpe Creek Elementary as a student! He was in Mrs. Pugel’s fourth grade class. He presented his books to all of third and fourth grade. Jason made comics including “ The Bus Seat” which tells the story of Jason’s challenges with autism. You can buy his books online and your child ( or you) should of brought a form for you to sign so you can buy a book. If you happened to fill out the form, you get a signed book by Jason Funk himself! This was certainly a great author visit from Jason Funk!

Coins for College

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Identity...I am poems

By: Fariha

Everyone at TCE is learning about their identity, what makes them who they are. We have listened to read alouds, brainstormed internal and external traits, and created identity webs with words that describe us. My class also wrote I am poems. The structure looked like this.

I am (two special characteristics you have)

I wonder(something you’re actually curious about)

I hear (an imaginary sound)

I see (an imaginary sight)

I want (an actual desire)

I am (repeat the first line of the poem)

I pretend (something you actually pretend to do)

I feel (a feeling about something imaginary)

I touch (an imaginary touch)

I worry (something that really bothers you)

I cry (something that actually makes you cry)

I am (repeat the first line of the poem)

I understand (something you know is true )

I say (something you believe in)

I dream (something you actually believe in)

I try (something you really make an effort about)

I hope (something you actually hope for)

I am (repeat the first line of the poem)

That is what we did to write out I am statements.


By: Addie

This school year we have a young Hoosier book award. Everyone gets to vote for there favorite picture book but only fourth graders get to vote for the chapter books. Some of the picture books TCE has read are Dinosaurs are not extinct, there’s a skeleton inside you, and so much more! Some of the chapter books are The Comeback, Millionaire’s for a month, Ways to make Sunshine, The One and Only Bob, and also so much more. The young Hoosier book award is for all kids to participate in. In March we get a chance to vote for our favorite. The Young Hoosier book award is so cool.

Book Recommendations from our TCE Cardinals


By Anshi

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day some call it friendship day and some of my classmates are going to give out valentines to the class. Some of my classmates are going to give a valentine to my teacher. Valentines is a great holiday and I will be giving a valentine to my teach. I will also give her flowers. I like giving stuff away to my friends and my teachers. That’s friendship and friendship always goes on and on and you will get stuff or gifts from your friends. In my class I am aloud to give out Valentine’s Day cards, pencils, erasers, and mini toys like a mini squishy. I’m excited about Valentine’s Day because I am going to give my teacher a card and flowers.

Blankets of Hope

Mrs. Renick's and Mrs. Gabbard's classes would like you to know how very much we appreciate your support of the P.J. Day we held for Blankets of Hope a couple of weeks ago. This past Friday, our classes had the privilege of meeting and learning from Mrs. Nancy Chance, the founder and executive director of Good Samaritan Network. With your generous support we were able to purchase and donate 176 blankets to the Good Samaritan Network who serve the homeless and people in need in Hamilton County. Students worked hard to make sure that a handwritten note of encouragement was attached to every blanket donated. Thank you, Thorpe Creek Families for supporting this special project.

Movie Night

By: Anna and Brooklyn

Move night is a place to have fun and talk with your friends.

You come to movie night to watch a movie, and there is a break for you to gather and talk with your friends. Maybe you ask them what they think about the movie so far.

Our favorite part is you can choose if you want to wear PJ or pajamas.

Our Learning Story

Some Jokes to Make you Laugh

What did the crab do on it’s birthday?


What did 7 said to 8

-7 8 9


Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?

-Because he didn’t have nobody to go with.

Why should you always knock on a refrigerator door before opening it?

-In case there is a salad dressing

Night of Wonders

By: Avery and Mahlyn

The night of wonders was a project that we did for school. This is how it worked. Each person in every class had to pick a night of wonder which can be white Cliffs of Dover, Victoria Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, or anything that is a natural wonder of our world. There thousands of them! We had to work on them a-ton! We had 2 weeks to work on our poster boards and gather all the information we could. After we were done we had to show the parents our presentations. We did our presentations and we all did great!!! We had so much fun doing this project!

Conner Prairie

By: Anshi

When I went to Conner Prairie I was excited. The first time I went, I did archery, throwing tomahawks, and made an airplane. The second time I went, I learned about the Underground Railroad and I did three escape rooms. I got to read the clues. The third time I went, I learned about the Civil War. All of these trips to Conner Prairie were so fun.

A Note for Car Riders


Thank you for working with us each morning to follow our unloading procedures in the interest of safety and efficiency as students arrive to school.

We are asking for your help to continue to:

  • Have your child seated on the passenger side of the car.

  • Teach them to gather their belongings and independently step out of the car onto the sidewalk. (we will be available to lend an extra hand, if needed).

  • Once your vehicle is stopped along the sidewalk within the green cones, allow your child to exit the vehicle.

  • ***We ask that regardless of where you are stopped within the green cones, (toward the front, middle or back of the line), you allow your child to exit when the adults give the signal to do so.

We greatly appreciate your help and consideration!


The TCE Car Rider Line Crew 

TCE Daily Snack

Students are welcome to bring a snack with them to school each day. This is completely optional. For the health and safety. of our classmates with allergies, please only send snacks with your child that are on the TCE approved snack list.

TCE approved snacks include:

  • cheese
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish - any variety
  • Skinny Pop

Water Bottles

Our drinking fountains will be turned back on this year, but we do also have bottle filling stations available in all of our pods! We strongly recommend that your child bring a water bottle with them each day to school. Please put your child's name on the water bottle. Thank you!

Cardinal Cafe

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District Information

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Student Handbook

The elementary student handbook for all HSE students is located on the TCE website following the button below to view.

Community Information

Mudsock Information

The Mudsock Spring league preparations are happening now and our volunteers are working hard, laying the foundation for a successful season. The easiest way to ensure your participant plays, is to register today at Early bird pricing will be available during the month of January. Beginning February 1st, registration fees will increase and some divisions will begin to form waitlists.