U.S is a Dominant Power!

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U.S is dominant!

After the American Revolution, America was not as strong as the other nation. However, U.S improved a lot in industrial revolution, which increase our growth on both economy and military. It was until World War 1 that the world wide power realize how strong the U.S was. We then become better and better. Soon, we dominant the world in many era.

3 Historical Evidence

These Are the 4 Reasons Why the U.S. Remains the World’s Only Superpower

In the first place, U.S remain its dominant by 4 reasons. The first reasons is its economic stability all over the world. U.S has very strong economic structure, which well support its own people and provide enough opportunity. Other dominant reasons is military. U.S remains its dominant by maintaining one of the strongest army in the world. Also, the political influence for U.S is dominant. U.S aid so many country and set up government for them that they have political influence on the countries. The last reason for U.S being dominant is its innovation. U.S have 8 out of 9 world largest technology company in the world. It means a lot of innovation will come from U.S.

These factors keeps U.S as a dominant power even in such competitive modern society.


U.S shows their military and technology power in WW2. By using Island Hopping, U.S have successfully invade Japan piece by piece. At the end of the war, U.S don't want to make more sacrifices on U.S army, so they decides to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This action let the world realizes that U.S is a dominant power on military. Even though now few countries have created nuclear war weapons, U.S proves that they are able to invented deadly weapons compare to others. Since august 21, 1945, U.S remain its dominance in military innovation.

Arm races

In the Cold War era, theres only one country who can compete with U.S.S.R. That is U.S. By its dominant era of technology and military. U.S reaches same height as U.S.S.R, even higher. The arm races was a good example. U.S first came up to the idea of nuclear weapon. It shows the dominant weaponry and technology. The arm races in many senses pushes U.S in progress. It pushes U.S in a higher level. it allows U.S to maintain its dominance. Furthermore, it is only happens 70 years ago in 1940s. This is not historic. It is consider a modern time. In such long time, U.S can keep it highness on both technology and weaponry. It is very impressive.

Art Representation

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Inside the cup, it is the depth of all the system in the U.S. With these system, it makes the U.S. as the dominant power in the world. These system doesn't develop through one night. It is slowly accumulated. Its the improvement that makes the U.S today. The system in the U.S are progressing, including the policy and the structure. These are motivated by the citizens. Without these people, U.S won't create this depth of the system.


The handle is set up for the government. The government provide necessary helps, which symbolize hands on the handle. A lot of policies created by the government are set up for the people of its countries. With the cooperation of the citizen and the government, It makes the U.S as a dominant power!


The base of the trophies represent the basic of the United States. What actually make United States a dominant country? What motivated people to cooperate together? What helps people and government create such impressive system? IT IS DEMOCRACY. I consider it as a base of all thing. Without the base, even people with those awesome ideas will unable to present and activated.


The most dominant power award goes to............. " THE UNITED STATES". In my opinion, U.S has been consider as a most dominant power for a long time. No matter its on war, political, or economy. Started from World War 1, U.S are well known by the world as a super powers, and it keeps it dominance till today. Now, with no doubt, we can say its the most dominant power in the world.

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