Revolution is Coming!

By: Collette Jolley

What is a Political Revolution?

A political revolution is defined as a change in power of an organized structure. Political Revolutions began to take shape when a government neglects it citizens or when they began to control the economic lives of the people. Some political revolutions bring good reform to their government, but others can end up causing more suffering to the society as a whole.

American Revolution in Depth

During the American Revolution, the people became unhappy with British monarchy because they began to tax the Americans heavily and control them completely. The Americans decided that the only way to completely separate from the British, was to drive them out of the colonies. They organized themselves into a group called “The Colonists”, who believed that America needed its own government free of the British.The Americans overthrow the British rule through protests and war. They overtook British bases in battle and refused to send them goods. One of the most famous instances of their revolt was the Boston Tea Party, where the Americans protested taxes by throwing tea, which was heavily taxed, into the Boston harbor.

The British government responded by sending more troops to America to try and keep their hold over the citizens. Their soldiers were called the “Red Coats”. The leaders did not give into their demands willingly and the revolt lasted 7 years.After the revolution, the American government became more dependent. They wanted to make their government one where everyone had a say,so they eventually established a democracy. The Americans also wrote out laws so that they could not be controlled again.

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Costs?


  • America became independent
  • Began to shape the foundation of the new American government
  • Americans would not be under as much economic strain

  • War had many casualties
  • Angered the British