Love yourself to Health

Information and Q&A

Ready to learn more about how families are regaining health in a safe, natural way?

You've been watching several of us lose fat, regain health, boost energy and release stress -here is your chance to ask us how we did it!

There will be a short presentation and then lots of time to ask all the questions you'd like. If you have friends, a spouse, or other family who are interested in the same things, bring them along!

Healthy Families Meet-up

Saturday, Feb. 8th, 5:15pm

45 S State St

Zeeland, MI

Driveway is on the south side of the house. If there is no room in the driveway, please park at one of the lots at either the corner of State and Central or the corner of State and Main.

We are Adoptagenix!

AdoptAgenix is a team of mission-minded product users and business builders in the awesome solutions based company of ISAGENIX. Our goal is to create healthy and prosperous forever families by the use of the most incredible nutrition on the planet and impact the lives of orphans and people globally.
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