Exotic Animal Trainer

Owner: Robert Ankiel

Mission Statement

My mission is to inform the families of the responsibilities of owning an animal. Not many exotic animals have been considered to be a pet. Well I am hear to teach you on how to take care of these animals including: sugar gliders, hedge hogs, birds, ferrets and your normal dogs and cats.

Ways I Teach!!

I have multiple ways that i teach these skills. My first way of teaching is at my central location where i host classes every week. Another way is that I can go to events such as parties, pet shows. My last way is to be a mobile trainer and go to pet stores and present a preview there.

Giving back

I will be partnering with local pet stores and shelters so we can get abused or abandoned pets find new homes with people who know what they are getting themselves into.


What I teach you about chinchillas are basic care instructions, you the habitat should look, and regular information of vet visits.


Some services that I will teach you about dogs is basic training techniques, vaccines that is needed, and overall basic care of the animal.

Contact Information

This is the central location, phone number, and email you can reach me by.