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NEWSLETTER | TERM 4 | WEEK 3 | 28 October 2022

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Message from Geordie

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed your week; I know our students have been making the most of the sunshine here at school! We held our School Advisory Council and P&F Meetings this week and I would like to thank all the parents involved for their positivity, engagement and dedication to our school. We are very lucky to have such a supportive community. Our staff really appreciated the lunch that was set up for them today by the P&F for Staff Appreciation Day – thanks guys!

We are currently seeking nominations for both of these committees, so if you are interested and would like to support the school, please fill in the paperwork below.

I would also like to thank the P&F for the contribution they made to our literacy resources this year! The final load of reading resources (Lexiled library books), has also now arrived! There are already some very excited students who are keen to start reading! Thanks to Miss Roberts who spends a lot of time choosing the best resources and giving our students a say in this process too!

This week, our staff have begun the process of forming new class lists for 2023. Many hours of time and effort go into creating these and there are many factors that need to be considered, including:

- Gender

- Academic ability

- Student behaviour

- Individual learning needs/support

- Friendship groups (student nominations and teacher judgement)

- Student interests and talents

- Teacher and support staff strengths

Throughout the year, parents have typically had many discussions with their child’s teacher in regard to their child’s needs, and these will all be carefully considered when creating class lists. While we can never guarantee a parent’s request, rest assured that we take all discussions and reasonable requests into consideration.

In saying this, in terms of parents requesting specific teachers, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, we expect and trust that all our teachers (and staff) are highly professional, build positive relationships with students, are flexible and adaptable in their teaching and provide engaging learning experiences for the students in their classrooms. We will be finalising class lists in the next few weeks, general staffing will be shared at the AGM and class lists and teachers will be posted on our Transition Morning on Friday the 2nd December.

I hope you have a great weekend

Geordie Thuijs

Swimming Lessons 2023: Feedback required

I was hoping to gauge parents opinion on Swimming Lessons as we have really hit a snag here.

Options for swimming lessons in our area, with the size of our school are limited and have been notoriously difficult to arrange times that are appropriate and limit the effect on Teaching and Learning. Next year we have been given Week 3 and 4 or Term 2. This has a large impact on classroom teaching and students become very tired, often not recovering properly for the rest of that term.

We have looked into running the lessons at Rockingham pool, and while we can get a very good timeslot down there, with the increased cost of buses and fees, it comes in about $15,000 more expensive than what we currently pay.

If you could fill in the short form below, it would help our decision making and planning for next year.

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Interschool Spelling Bee

On Thursday, Jake J, Abby S, Lotoata S, Alexander G, Claire D and Yohann B represented St Bernie's at the Interschool Spelling Bee competition at Star of the Sea. These students did an amazing job and held their own in fierce competition! Well done!

Congratulations to Claire D who came 2nd and Yohann B who came 4th in the Year 6 category.

Thank you Mrs Cairns for looking after these students and adding your special humour to the day!

Catholic Primary Schools Chess Club

Round one of the CEWA Primary Schools Chess Tournament took place this week. Mr Murtagh led our chess tournament qualifiers as they participated against other CEWA schools in the race to beat the chess clock and capture their opponents King. Congratulations to Archer V, Claire D, Mason F and Luciana R who represented our school and did very well.

Round two out of three will continue in Week 6.

Year 3 Excursion to Penguin Island

Saarth – My favourite part of Penguin Island was when we got to there and went for a walk around the island. It was very relaxing, there was beautiful scenery and lots of birds that were swooping us (mostly Robins) and it was a lovely sunny day.

Dylan – My favourite parts were seeing the penguins in the discovery centre, seeing the king skinks and coming second in our sandcastle competition!

Lily – Penguin Island made me feel happy because we got to learn all about penguins. I learnt the oldest penguin on the island is 25 years old!

Kaylee – I felt happy at Penguin Island because we got to see the penguins!

Penelope – I had fun at Penguin Island yesterday! I really loved paddling my feet and learning more about the penguins.

Cayden – I really enjoyed it because we got to make sandcastles and see the penguins!

Hayley D – I felt happy yesterday because it was so cool. I liked the penguins.

Jacob D – My favourite part was seeing the seagull eggs because they were different colours.

Thank you to the Year 3 teachers, Education Assistants and Parent Helpers who made this excursion such fun!

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Fume Free Friday!

Calling all Eco Warriors! Next Friday, 4 November is our first Fume Free Friday of the the term, with another one on Friday 2 December 2022.

Please walk, ride, cycle or scoot to and from school on these days! We'd love to see as many students and families jumping on board in support of this initiative.

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Year 6 Important Dates Term 4: Save the dates!

Monday 5th December: Kolbe Transition Day (Y 6).

Year 7 2023 Kolbe students will be attending Kolbe for a welcome day. Students attending other secondary schools may still wish to attend school as usual.

Tuesday 6th December: Normal school day.

Wednesday 7th December: K - 6 Christmas Concert and picnic (5 – 7pm).

Thursday 8th December: Big Day Out - Year 6 to Adventure World. The bus leaves from school at 9.00am. Students are to be collected at Adventure World at 3pm. You may choose to stay longer at Adventure World with your child.

Friday 9th December: 9am Graduation Mass and awards ceremony. 12pm Lunch at the Cruising Yacht Club in Rockingham. 2:50pm Guard of Honour. Parents are welcome to attend for the day.

Pupil Free Day - Monday 7 November 2022

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Things to look out for next week

  • Kindy 2023 Parent Info Session - Monday 31 October: 2.00 - 3.00pm
  • Scottish Dancing - Monday 31 October: 3.15 - 4.00pm
  • Ricky Grace Basketball - Wednesday 2 November: 7.45 - 8.30am
  • Interschool Athletics Carnival - Thursday 3 November
  • PP Perth Zoo Excursion - Friday 4 November
  • Pupil Free Day - Monday 7 November
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Live Calendar 2022

School Term Dates 2022

Term 4 Monday 10/10/2022 - Friday 09/12/2022

Pupil Free Dates 2022

Monday 7/11/2022

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