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A Commitment to Catholic Education

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A Theology Lesson from the Principal:

What did Jesus Mean by saying "Ask and you shall Receive?"

Dear St. Clare Families and Friends,

I spent 14 years at Notre Dame Academy as a Theology Teacher. Simultaneously, I helped in my Catholic Parish as a Co-Director of Faith Formation and Confirmation Program Teacher. Needless to say, I love helping people deepen their knowledge about God and relationship with Him. As a Principal, I love what I do, but I also miss being able to teach some of these lessons to the students on a daily basis. Here is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy this reflection:

A Reflection for the Students:

From: Catholic Youth Bible regarding the Gospel of Luke 11:5-13:

Have you ever determinedly asked your parents for something? They may have replied, with a statement like: I heard you, we talked about this already, or please stop asking. While this can be a common response to our pushiness when we do not get our way, we need to balance asking for things in the right way. Jesus tells us to be persistent with God and that if we ask, we shall receive. But does that mean we beg, whine, or push if we don't hear the answer we want? No, instead, Jesus is teaching us to be dedicated in our prayer life. The more we deepen our relationship with God, the more we will see that He is there for us through the big things, little things, and all spaces in between. God is relentless is seeking a relationship with us, if we are willing to open the door to his call. The closer we are to God, the less we need, and the more we receive His love, mercy and goodness through all parts of our life.

A Reflection for the Adults:

The famous teaching about this passage and verse comes in the Gospel of Luke right after the instruction on "The Lord's Prayer." The Our Father is known among theologians to be the "Perfect Prayer." This is not a statement of flattery because Jesus taught us the words. Rather, it is an all encompassing form of prayer that includes anything we could possible need, want, or desire in our relationship with God.

There are traditionally 4 types of prayer and the Our Father includes each of them.

Adoration: "Our Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done." This opening is a prayer by itself of worship, love, and respect to God.

Petition: "Give us each day our daily bread" - This part has us asking God to provide, nourish, and care for us both physically and emotionally. We are requesting that God be with us and it is part of the core reason behind the Eucharist being the source and summit of or lives. If we take time to REALLY APPRECIATE what is possible through the Eucharist, every church would be packed to the maximum, every weekend. What a beautiful thought!

Contrition: "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those, who trespass against us."

We express a remorse and reflection of our transgressions to God and to others. This part of the Lord's Prayer is our appeal to be granted mercy and to take ownership of our sinful behaviors or tendencies.

Thanksgiving: "On earth as it is in heaven." & " "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." Amen! This portion of the prayer is a way of recognizing the beauty of life ever-after. The eternal beauty and glory of being in connection with God and removed from our earthly pain, suffering, or hardships.

So when we say the Our Father,

We are calling to mind a multitude of prayers to deepen our relationship with God, the Holy Father, through the power and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, as carried through our lives and relationships by the Holy Spirit. If we ask of God genuinely through prayer, we shall receive a beauty and blessing beyond any material or physical gift.

Amen! To say this powerful word is a prayer all by itself. It means "We Believe! or "Let it be so!" We are relinquishing our interest in control and giving all that we are to God through prayer. This is a gorgeous acknowledgement of both human free will and the acceptance of God's presence in our lives.

So as Jesus teaches us to: Ask and we shall receive, seek and we will find, and knock for the door will be opened," it is a reminder that all of it must be done through prayer and relationship.

Friends and Families of St. Clare,

This is what Catholic Education is all about. We ask for God's presence, we seek His comfort and guidance, and we open our hearts and minds to His calling. As I have said before, thank you for trusting St. Clare Catholic Parish and School as we journey to the heavenly gardens with you.


Katie Stanczak

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Asking you for your continued support of Catholic Education:

What it takes:

Dear St. Clare Families and Friends,

As we prepare for the largest school fundraiser of the year, I need to ask for your continued financial support of St. Clare Parish and School. It is no surprise that in this economy costs are increasing for everyone. We are so blessed to be supported by wonderful parishioners, families, local business, and community members. However, our needs are growing as are the costs. On average it costs $7,450/student to attend St. Clare and tuition covers approximately 35-37% of those costs, on average. The remaining funds come from fundraising, the sacrificial giving of the Parish, and the School Choice Program.

As you may have seen in the Parish bulletin, sacrificial giving at the Parish is down. This means that we need to ask everyone that cares about our Parish, School, and Catholic community to reflect on how they can support our efforts for the upcoming year. This is a humble appeal to consider your involvement in the school and parish and see if there is anything more you can contribute. I know that is a lot to ask and so many of you have been incredibly generous and understanding.

If you are able to give a financial gift, sponsorship, or donation towards the $10,000 Raffle event on May 5th, that would be truly fantastic! Corporate sponsorships, match grants, and estate planning are great ways to help support Catholic education now and for generations to come.

If you are able to donate your time to volunteer or help at the school, we are always appreciative of our fantastic volunteers.

If money and time are tight right now, then the best thing you can do is share by word of mouth how exciting and fun the event is. Please encourage people to join you at the fundraiser, join you for Mass, join you by enrolling their children or grandchildren at the school. We are always willing to provide a quality Catholic education to anyone interested. Tuition Assistance is available for families that do not qualify for the School Choice Program.

Thank you for your time and consideration. All donations can be sent to the School Office by Friday, April 28th or contact Lea VanDeHey at

In the spirit of prayer and our Catholic Mission to grow and develop disciples, I thank you deeply for your consideration, anticipated donations, and continued support. It takes all of us and every bit makes a huge difference towards our Mission.

Thank you,

Katie Stanczak

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$10K Raffle Tickets - SAVE THE DATE - May 5th 2023

We still have tickets available to sell for the $10,000 Raffle. If you have anyone interested in purchasing them, please contact the school office.

If you have any tickets left unsold, please be sure to return them to the School Office as soon as possible so we can get those out to folks looking to purchase. ALL TICKETS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE BY FRIDAY, APRIL 28th by 2pm.

Thank you for your support, efforts, and understanding.

3K is looking for donations of Brown Paper Bags or clean butcher paper for a project. Please contact the Principal or Mrs. Lade if you can help out.

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Important Dates

  1. Friday, March 24th - END OF 3rd QUARTER
  2. Friday, April 7th - Good Friday - NO SCHOOL
  3. Monday, April 10th - Easter Monday - NO SCHOOL
  4. Friday, April 21st - Teacher Inservice - NO SCHOOL
  5. Friday, May 5th - $10K Raffle at the Swan Club - This is our biggest school fundraiser of the year. See you there!
  6. Wednesday, May 10th - Next Home and School Sponsored Hot Lunch from D&G
  7. Tuesday, May 16th - Spring Concert (Afternoon Performance) & Student Art Show
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Scrip Helps You Save on Tuition!

Scrip is a great way to support the school and save yourself some money on tuition!

How Scrip Works: You buy Scrip to purchase everyday products (ex: gas, groceries, etc). The company donates a percentage back to the school when you use Scrip for your purchases. You get half of that amount as a savings on your tuition and the other half goes towards the school. For example, if you buy $100 Shell card, they give 10% back. Therefore, $10 is given back; $5 comes off of your tuition and $5 goes to the School.

How to Buy Scrip:

1) Scrip is sold after the following Masses:

- Saturday, 4pm Mass @ Askeaton

- Sunday, 8am Mass @ Greenleaf

- Sunday, 10am Mass @ Wrightstown

2) Scrip is sold at school on Wednesdays

3) Scrip can be purchased using the RaiseRight App

How to Sign Up:

Sign up with your coordinator or school.

Download the RaiseRight App in your app store.

Use enrollment code: A1C5219523L2

*If you use the app, eGift Cards, your purchased Scrip is in the "Wallet" feature on the app. Any purchase or physical gift cards will be shipped to the coordinator and then will have to be picked up at a later time and location. You can choose to pay on the app with the following options: "Banck Account" (has a $0.15/fee), or "Pay Coordinator Directly" (you will have to pay before your order is submitted), or "Credit Card" (has a 2.6% fee).

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Community Corner

Open to current 1st-3rd Graders

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Please check your email for more info from the bus company about recent updates:

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