Chilli's Cheeseburger Catastrophe

Are Chilli's burgers worth it anymore?


Unfortunately not... Recent customer, Ryanne Marks, made a visit to Chilli's for dinner one night. But the so pleasant dinner turned into a food nightmare. Ryanne stated what happened, "the burger was not cooked satisfactorily because it was not cooked right. It was rare. When I asked for a new burger cooked the way I asked, medium well, they cooked a new burger but it was still a little too rare. By this time the rest of my family was eating and I didn’t want to spend anymore time waiting for another burger to be cooked. Instead I just ate the fries. The burger however did not come off my check."

After the Incident

Ryanne Marks then did the following to try and make a sucessful but reasonable solution. She returned the food and asked to have another burger. Given a rather nasty no, she asked to see the manager. When the manager came, he claimed that she was overracting and nothing was wrong with the burger and proved it my taking a bite out of Ryanne's uncooked burger. Disgusted with this service, Ryanne wrote to the head company or the CEO headquarters about her rather disgusted visit. Ryanne wrote her letter on March 24, 2015 and hoped to get a reply within 10 days of her complaint. However, the company did not reply and nothing was addressed. Ryanne didn't want to take this matter lightly so she brought it before a lawyer and asked to bring it in front of a judge. WIth all the evidence Ryanne presented and the steps she did. She won her case because they did indeed deceive her and gave her bad serice without any remorse. Ryanne was satisfied and received $5,000 in emtional distress and non-recommendable service.

In need of a Lawyer: Van A. Larson, P.C.

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