reproductive system

the function of the system

the reproductive system is used for sexually reproduce, for producing the next generation off spring. The process assembled from both the male and female side, the male side produces sperm while the female provided eggs,the process of the reproduction happened when the sperm from male is mixed with the egg from female.


the spermatogenesis is the process which the sperm is created, this process happened in the testes when the boy reached the age of puberty and continuing for the rest of the life.

The process starts when the spermatogonia cell grows to become the primary spermatocyte which is the diploid cell, then the cell undergoes the meiosis 1 to become the secondary spermatocyte which is the diploid cell again.After that the cell went through the process of meiosis 2 and from there the 4 haploid spermatids cells are produced and the sperm are formed after these 4 haploid cells.

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the female gametes are formed by the process of oogenesis this process occurred in the girl's ovaries during fetal development. These cells are called oogonia developed in to primary oocytes that are diploid these cells enter meiosis 1 but then stop.