Steps for Multi-digit division

Whole Numbers and Decimals

Steps for division:

1.write the problem

2.find two numbers close to the original numbers and find the answer two those two.

3. make a house and put the first original in the house and the second one outside the house.

4. get your first number in the answer by multiplying to see how many times until the outside number is exact or a little bit below the two or three number on the inside. (it cannot be higher than the inside number)

5. Then repeat step four until you have none left,and bring down the next number in the house to the number you got from the other division. but if you have extra you add a decimal point and then put a zero on the right of it.

6. Bring the zeros down to make the indoor number bigger until you reach 0 and you find your answer.

7. in a case where you keep on getting the same amount each time you bring down a 0, you would just go up to 3 so it doesn't go on forever

8. check your answer by multiplying you answer and number outside the house. you should get the number inside the house if you don't, try again. if you do, you are correct!

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This man got his answer right and he used my steps besides from step 2 which just makes it easier
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