Theater or Bust

Or Center stage

Theater in 7th grade

Theater in 7th grade:

  • Beginning introduction.
  • Pantomime skill.
  • Pantomime scene (3 or 4 people)
  • Music scene.
  • Being familiar with acting.
  • Monologues 2 people.
  • Monologues 1 person.
  • Improvisation.
  • Leaving for sem scene.

What am I doing on this smore?

On this smore 7th graders should read every text, and then watch the videos on how to to do the acting skills later on in the year. Remember that everything that is on this smore you will be doing in class. Thank you!

Pantomime introduction for 7th grade

Mime Basics: Acting Tips and Techniques : How to Float Away with Balloon in Mime

Monologue introduction for 7th grade

Practicing Audition Monologues : Moving in Monologues

Improvisation introduction for 7th grade

Ten Ways to Practice Improvisation Acting Skills : Theater Lessons


In this area you will be creating a folder in your google drive called "Theater or Bust" Then you will then create a google document and rename it "Backstage tips" Then go back to the website that is under this text and then read majority of the tips that they have arranged on the site for you. After go to your document and record the tips that you think are the most useful and the one you like the most.
Acting tips.

Make sure you read the text above or you will just be lost.

Now turn in the doc. Thanks.