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Jacques Nyemb, Guest Speaker for Book Club

Mr. Nyemb, writer and founder/publisher of indie publishing company Not So Super Publishing
at https://notsosuper.pub/ recently spoke to the student Book Club, Graphic Design Class, and Art Classes. He is also a graphic designer who works with the City of Durham.

Collaborative Projects with Art Classes

Media Moment Resources/Lessons

21 Ways to Check for Students Understanding

The most effective way to test student understanding is to do it while the lesson's still going on. You’ve got to take advantage of the moment. If you hope to spend the majority of your time getting through to students, and not just talking, then understanding must be measured and dealt with as soon as the first frown appears on a face. (Click Here)

BYOD - Pull Out Your Cellphone

BYOD Cellphone tools - (Click)

Blended Learning Resources

East Wake Blended Learning (Click Here)

3:1 Best Practices

3:1 Best Practices powerpoint (click here)

High School Digital Literacy and Citizenship

High School Digital Literacy and Citizenship Lessons: (Click Here)