Welcome to Tucson,Arizona's Tour

Guide Name: Noelia Valenzuela

Where to Party

Hi i'm your tour guide i'm going to tell you where you can go to have fun. People love this place called" Pump It Up" it is an amazing place. Pump it up has jumping castles inside and its like a hall way there are rooms. In each of the rooms there are little rooms thats where you eat, open presents, or talk. If you have little kids with you, you have to be 18 years older in order to watch the child. You can even have a glow party. Location:3248 north free way industrial. Phone: (520) 888-9198. Please give them a call.

Old Tucson

Old Tucson is a western place to go. they have shows and food courts. and they put on skits and pretend there shooting the other acter.

Old Tucson is a very old western place

Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a fancy restaurant to eat at. They serve Italian food. My favorite is the roast chicken with pine apple and other vegetables. Please visit it. And hope you like the food. And they have a lot of drinks that you don't even know about. And for appetizers they will give you bread sticks and other.


Thank you for coming to the guide tour in Tucson bye.