April 20,2001

On The Day You Were Born

6:31 pm

Approximately 5320 days old

On the cusp of Aries/Taurus (the cusp of power!)

Year of The Snake


Partly Cloudy, about 55-60 degrees

Moon: Waning Crescent, right before a new moon

"You appreciate closure. It bothers you when people promise to do something and then don't follow through. You want to able to right the wrongs of the past. Studying history motivates you to improve the world. You put a lot of hope in the future and look forward to seeing technology and progress improve our lives."


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Famous People

Shemar Moore: Actor

Adolf Hitler: Criminal

Carmen Electra: Actress

Stephen Marley: Reggae Singer

Jessica Lange: Actress

Events Throughout Time

1) Castro announces that Cubans can emigrate using the port of Mariel

2) Columbine High School Massacre

3) Danica Patrick becomes first woman to win Indy race

4) Oil spill begins in Gulf of Mexico

5) Curies isolate Radium

What Was Happening in 2001

President: George W Bush

Postage Stamp: 34 cents

Gallon of Milk: $3.00

Gallon of Gas: $1.46

Movie Ticket: $5.66

Popular Toys: Bratz Dolls or Hogwarts Lego Castle

Movies: Shrek, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

TV Shows: CSI, The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, That 70s Show, Survivor

Music Groups: Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez