Imprisonment/Execution w/o trial

By Jake Marciano

Countries who had most executions in 2012

The title of this newsclip was "Taliban Execution of Afghan Woman Causes Outraged Activists to Mobilize". This clip is from 2013 and it is to show how how cruel and unfair it is that people are just executed without a fair trial and the outrage that comes from these acts. The Taliban rule is a clear human rights violation especially when they kill people without having a fair trial.

In the news clip I saw a member of the Taliban with a machine gun shoot a women who is sitting calmly facing the other way as others look on. He then proceeds to shoot her about 3-5 times. This is an example of death without trial.

The title of this news clip is "11 years in Guantanamo without trial or charges" This video was made in 2013 and the point of it was to show that there are innocent people in Guantanamo bay who have never committed a crime. The central message is that it is unfair to keep someone in prison without a trial proving they did anything wrong.

Jeremy Corbin, who is a member of Parliament explained that the victim is not guilty of anything. He was visiting Afghanistan for charity purposes and was put in prison during the war in Iraq. They show pictures of his kids as well. One of them has never met his father. This is a perfect example of imprisonment without trial.

Although some criminals deserve death, it should be mandatory that they go through a fair trial. This gives closure rather than being killed and making the legal system look flawed. In addition, I believe life in jail is a more severe penalty than death without trial.

This issue is happening in many parts of the world outside of the U.S. The issue usually takes place in places where there is a weak or no government and there is no legal system. For example, in 2005 it was discovered that the United States was running a secret prison in Kabul where they tortured suspected terrorists. They were held in dark rooms, loud music was blared, and they were barely fed and interrogated by U.S. and Afghans in civilian clothes.

They are several things that NGOs and IGOs are doing to stop this problem. One of the groups that is trying to stop this is Amnesty International in addition to the United Nations Committee. One issue they are determined to address is the issue of the death penalty. These groups want to pay more attention to the centers that the prisoners are being held and make sure everyone is following the rules and not violating any human rights.

This is an extremely important issue. We need to stop killing people who have yet to be proven guilty. In addition, law enforcement needs to be more responsilble and our government needs to be more watchful of people who commit human rights violations.

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