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New K12 Homepage for K-5 Courses

K12 has changed the look of your learner's homepage! It looks like you can change back to the classic homepage if you prefer!
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Tech Tips

iPad Tutorials-Need help with navigating your iPad, click HERE!

Did you want all of our videos and helpful resources in one place?? Here's a Wakelet page full of helpful tutorials. Click the Easy Button!

Important Dates for 2nd Semester

  • Monday, February 1st-Teacher Planning Day--No Phonics Lessons; Pacing Guide continues as normal

K12 Online Clubs

Click here to learn more about K12 Online Clubs

Are you interested in joining an online cooking, art, or music club? Take a look at these club options from K12!

Anxiety Workshop for Parents

If you were unable to join the workshop with our counselor, Ms. McGovern, feel free to watch below. We are grateful for the information she shared.
Anxiety Workshop
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If students have concerns relative to grief, substance abuse or bullying or suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, or just simply a concern about themselves or a friend, they can call the hotline and speak with a trained counselor from the Boys Town National Hotline. This service is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and is free and anonymous. 531-299-7233

Ms. Rogers' Classroom Info

Week In Review:

Number Sense and estimation are huge skills that we have been practicing all year long! Both of these math skills are so important as learners continue to grow and learn new concepts.

On Wednesday our #EpicPals Book Club met and read the book A Mother's Journey. Click here to read the book!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade learners each have a Phonics assessment to complete in Seesaw. Please be sure that your learner completes this, I listen to each one and use it for a grade.

Looking Ahead

I will be meeting with F2F learners on Tuesday and Remote Learners on Thursday. I would like to explore Minecraft with them. I know that some have more experience with Minecraft than others. If you want to explore with your learner prior to class, you can open the Minecraft Education app on your learner's iPad and login with their s-login and student ID number.

**January Book-It Calendars due on January 29th. I will update OneNote with the February Calendar.

Looking Ahead: January 25th-29th

Monday: Phonics (Required)

Tuesday: F2F Learners come to our building!!!

Wednesday: Phonics (Required); #EpicPals Club (Optional)

Thursday: Remote-Learner Class (Required)

Friday: Phonics (Required) and Specials (Required)


Our Class Wakelet

K12 Quick System Check

Book-It Calendar

Week in Review:

We continued with our unit on Sequencing this week. Learners were able to choose the topic they will be demonstrating. They also got started writing the lists of steps needed to accomplish the task. Please make sure they have their steps completed by class time next week. We did a fun Geometry Scavenger Hunt where they looked around their house and took pictures of shapes and lines they saw and then uploaded them to the correct column in Padlet.

Looking Ahead:

We will be finalizing the written steps during class tomorrow. These steps will use transitional words such as: next, after that, then, at last, finally, etc. We will be using the screen recording feature of the iPads. I will be sending out a video on how to add it to your Control Center. Please make sure you have this added before class next week. Thanks!

Optional Help Time- Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-2:00 will be a time your learner can join me for any extra help they may need. Please email me in advance. I will not be in the session unless you contact me.

Minecraft Club! - Reminder, it is held on Wednesdays from 11:00-11:45. This is an optional club. Participate every week, every other week, monthly, it doesnโ€™t matter. There will be a different challenge to complete each week!

Next weekโ€™s Schedule:

Monday: Phonics
Tuesday: F2F 8:30-11:30, 12:30-3:30

Wednesday: Phonics, Minecraft Club (Optional)

Thursday: Remote AM and PM

Friday: Phonics and Coding (Specials are not optional)

Mrs. Walker's Class

Week In Review:

This week we started our novels! I will be emailing students to remind them what they need to read at home before we meet next. This weeks guidance lesson was about compliments, ask your learner the difference between inside/outside compliments. Also, I told them to give someone a compliment, so hopefully they did!

We tried something in class called Pear Deck this week. It is making the online lessons a lot more interactive. Students are able to answer questions and show what they know as I am teaching which is a game changer for online lessons!

4th Grade- Read chapter 4-8 pages 15-35

5th Grade- Read to page 45

Looking Ahead:

Next week I will not be available on Thursday-Friday. All Thursday remote lessons will be at the same time but on Wednesday. If your learner can not attend I will give them an online version of what we do in class. The guidance lesson will be similar, and students will complete the lesson at their own pace. I will send an email with more information.

4th Graders are reading The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John.

5th Graders are reading the book called Ungifted by Gordon Korman. Both books are available on Epic Books. You can also get a copy of the books from the library or order it from Amazon if your learner would rather read an actual book.

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