P2 Chapman Hills

Join P2 while we go through the journey learning about volcanoes

I learned about three different types of volcanoes shield volcano, composite volcano and cinder cone volcano. Mauna Lao is a shield volcano. A shield volcano is a volcano that is shaped like a shield. Also has an elevation is 13,678 ft. Mauna Lao is located in Hawaii and last erupted in 1984.

Mt. St Helen's is a composite volcano. Mt.St Helen's elevation is 8,366. The last eruption was on July 10, 2008.Mt.St Helen's is located in the Cascade mountain Range in Skamania County, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Lava Butte is a cinder cone volcano. Lava Buttes elevation is 5,023 ft. Lava Butte is located in central Oregon. The premise is 509 ft wide. The last eruption was 7,000 years ago.