Body Image

For Teens

Media Influences

  • Social media plays a HUGE role in eating disorders.
  • Doctors say that teen girls trying to achieve the "thigh gap" is risky and nearly impossible.
  • Websites promoting anorexia an bulimia have gone viral on the internet and its causing teens to become anorexic and very unhealthy.
  • Websites are posting pictures of young women who are "successful" which is causing young women and teens to want to look just like them.

"Tanning is Beautiful"

  • College students who have watched beauty reality shows, are more likely to use tanning lamps or to tan outside for hours then those who do not watch those types of shows.

School Influences

  1. about 29% of white high school girls use tanning beds.
  2. tanning rates tend to increase as they move through high school.
  3. senior proms and graduation is when most young teen girls go tanning.
  4. fed govt. banned the food pyramid image and replaced it with a image of a plate.
  5. New Hampshire University printed a dietary guideline on their plates in he dinning halls to help promote healthy eating habits.
  6. The new plates in NHU help the students with portion sizes so they do not over eat.
  7. sense the USDA made the "My plate on campus" has promoted other students on campus to help others ea healthier and help others.

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