Take the No Bowl Challenge!

Dog's love finding hidden food & unpacking stuffed food toys

Did you know?

Dogs are instinctually programmed to hunt for their food. Behavior problems in pet dogs stem from the lack of mental challenges or work to do. Food is haphazardly delivered for free in a dog bowl, wasting the opportunity to train your dog or provide them with mental activity. This environmental enrichment concept can be applied to domestic dogs, who thoroughly enjoy finding hidden food and unpacking stuffed chew toys.

Here are some examples of fabulous food toys offered at Faux Paw's Pet Store in Summit.

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

This toy dispenses only one kibble at a time. Perfect for Labradors or other accelerated eaters.
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Classic Kong

The Classic Kong is a required food toy for every dog owner. Stuff with kibble for beginners or stuff with canned pumpkin or canned dog food mixed with kibble, seal with Peanut Butter and FREEZE for advanced stuffing.
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Faux Paws Wholesome Pet Shop is offering 20% off for the month of January!

20% off the above items when you mention this promotion. Take the challenge and see your dog revel in the pleasure of working for his/her food. You will have a quiet and well behaved dog for meal times and in general, a happier dog and a happier YOU! Report your successes & discover more stuffing tips on Keri Siry Dog Training facebook page.

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