FMS Tablet Collection

When, Where, and How

Dates and Times

8th Grade - May 19

7th Grade - May 20

6th Grade - May 21

Students will go to the Media Center with their Science or Social Studies teacher at the designated times.

Life Skills - Tablets will be picked up May 19th.

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During Scheduled time, students will be sorted into groups of 5 – 6 (group those without charger together):

  • Change PIN (6th/7th only)
  • Sign out tablet (8th grade only)
  • Wrap their charger
  • Power Off tablet
  • Check in tablet and charger

Things to Know

  • 6th/7th grade tablets will be stored for next year
  • 8th grade tablets will be issued to 6th graders next year
  • Tablets and chargers that come after your grade level's collection should be sent to the Media Center in the AM
  • There will be a $30 fine for chargers that are not returned
  • Tablets that are not returned will follow the three strikes rule
  • There will be no collection of earbuds
  • After tablet collection, you should still have access to assignments submitted to you

How Can You Help?

  • Remind students to bring their tablets and chargers on tablet collection day
  • Send any late tablet or charger collections to the Media Center first thing in the AM (make sure they are labeled)
  • Volunteer to help during your planning (cleaning cases, removing stickers, assisting students, etc.)


Please send all questions to Ms. Martin or Ms. Bonomo.