C105 News

May 13, 2016


Thank you so much to everyone who could come out to our Open House. It was so much fun watching the students talk about their work. I know it was inconvenient to come out on a separate night, I really appreciate you making the time for us!

Many students were excited to show off their apps. Here are some of the apps we have on our iPads.

STILL Looking for a good book?

Volume 1: Class Winners http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol1

Aiden Indoms Rex Adventure

Carmen The Adventure Girl Who Lost her Leopard

Irene Manit's Castle

Volume 2: Adventure Tales http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol2

Braydon Adventure Jayden and the Lost Ark of Covenant

Huy Jackee's Adventure

Jup Jacob's Adventure

Volume 3: Dinos and Dragons http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol3

Anhad Spinorapter's Adventure

Michael Dinozilla's Adventure

Tarun Jerome the Dinosaur

Volume 4: Friends http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol4

Joshua Jimmy the Lion

Khanh Flo Go No and her Friends

Tyrus The Story of Piggy Jena and Puppy Wea

Volume 5: Lost and Found http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol5

AT Aishin Lost His Pants

Jaleena The Girl Who Lost Her Ring

SG Rethy and Her Lost Wand

Volume 6: Magical Adventures http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol6

Jodi A Mermaid That Got Lost in the Maze

Katelyn The Fairy Who Lost Her Shoe

Noor Stoom's Cloud

Volume 7: Action Comics http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol7

Harman Gogogogaga's Adventure

Hayden Nate and the Robber

Volume 8: Solve it! http://tinyurl.com/C105Vol8

Samah The Pony Who Had the Magic Clover

Julianne Wolow the Dirty Car

Myra Story of M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m

Mark Your Calendar!

• May 18 Principal's Coffee AM

• May20 Twin Spirit Day: Please wear your GRAMMAROSAURUS SHIRT!

• May 27 Spirit Day: Sports Day!

• May 27th Mix It Up Day! Our partners will be 5th grade!

• June 6 Primary Field Day! Want to Volunteer?

• June 9 Last Day of First Grade

• June 12 Jaleena's Birthday

• July 11 Myra's Birthday

• July 15 Hayden's Birthday

• July 16 Tyrus' Birthday

• August 10 Samah's Birthday

• August 14 Harman's Birthday!

• August 17 Ashaan's Birthday

• August 17 First Day of Second Grade!