People of the Past

They stood up for their rights, in different ways!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was one of the Civil Rights activists. His "I had a Dream" speech is tone of the most famous speeches in history. He was sent to prison fighting for what he believed in. Martin Luther King Jr believed that non-violent protests were the way to address the situation at hand. When he was assassinated, over 120 cities in the south broke into riots.

Malcolm X

As opposed to Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X believed that the non-violent protests were not working and thought that maybe violence was the answer. He traveled to a variety of Muslim churches to preach to the Islamic community. When his minister Elijah Muhammed needed Malcolm he was there. Until one day Malcolm had found out the Elijah had had children with teenagers.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was an average African American Woman, except for the fact that she was tired of the way she had been treated. Rosa Parks is most known for her bus boycott. When she had gotten onto a bus and took one of the front seats which were usually reserved for the white people in the community. When a white man had approached her on the bus, he asked her for her seat and she refused to get up. She was sent to prison shortly after because she did not show a white man the "respect" that he deserves.