Our Boys:

A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen

By: Joe Drape

Page By: Jess Rutledge

Discipline: Social Studies Subject: History

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Quick Overview:

This is a story about not only a great football program, but a great town and the hardworking people that fuel its success. Smith Center, Kansas is not too far from the geographic center of the continental United States. There are no big cities near it, Smith Center is not a booming town, but a small, blue collar working environment but that is not all they have. Coach Roger Barta has been coaching football at Smith Center for some time and has led his team to 67 consecutive victories and 4 straight Class 2-1A state titles. However, this legendary coach is facing some tough times ahead, as he has to replace several starters who have graduated and many wonder if the Redmen will be able to repeat their past successes. In fact, the legendary coach was wondering whether or not he should continue to coach the team. Needless to say, Coach Barta decided to remain the head coach and lead the Redmen on a quest for a fifth straight title season. The book chronicles several aspects about the town, the team, players, coaches, and the season as it progresses. It also shows how these players and this town are about hard work, being there for one another, and doing their best to lead good lives and make the right choices, and not just obsessed with playing good football. As it would turn out, Smith Center and Coach Barta had not lost their touch just yet, as the cruised through a fairly easy regular season, playing only two close games all year. Once they were in the playoffs, it was back to work and doing what they do best, winning and winning big. For a fifth straight season, the Smith Center Redmen would win the 2-1A state title for football and all doubts about Coach Barta's talents and the hard work these boys put in would be silenced, until the next season that is.

Math and Language Arts Assignments:

Questions followed up with the answers

Math Question: If Smith Center runs the ball for 8, 22, 1, 17, 3, 3, 9, 11, and finally 4 yards for a touchdown, how many yards per run did they average?

Answer: 8.66 yards per run.

Language Arts Question: Write a paragraph that explains what the main factors are that makes Smith Center, the community and football team, so successful.

Answer: Hard work, togetherness, support, love, teamwork, and tradition all play vital roles for being successful. These are the main points.

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Book: Our Boys: A Perfect Season on the Plains With the Smith Center Redmen
Author: Joe Drape
ISBN-10: 0312662637
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; First Edition edition
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2010
Pages: 320
Sales Rank: #431, 507