October 17, 2016

STEM Updates: Block 1

These past couple of weeks have been very busy in STEM. The kids have been planning and developing an original board game and the ideas and execution have been tremendous. The students also spent some time working on TinkerCad, a 3D design resource that allows students to design using basic geometric shapes.

The first block will be coming to an end on November 14. The final 20 days of STEM will be focusing on a whole class project (An Engineer's Community). The students will have the opportunity to apply for seven different engineering jobs based on the job description and prior usage of the materials. I have included the job options below. This project will be introduced tomorrow in class with the final presentations scheduled for Friday, November 11th. I will send separate invitations if any parents would like to attend the student's final presentation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kevin Murphy

An Engineer's Community Project