By:Julian F.


did you know that people take bath in the river after the volcanoes erupt ? it is true people take bath after a volcanoes erupt.it

how are volcanoes form and where they are found


volcanoes are form by the ground and lava make it bigger.volcanoes and found in rain forest and Hawaii.

What are the effect of volcanoes


volcanoes can be a hazard to people,place and environment but they also have benefit a effect volcano have on land is they erupt and plan and animal leave and plant get burn and they grow back. A benefit on volcano is that the ash help the crow grow fast and the ash warm up the house.

volcanoes effect on places

volcanoes effect is on place


people who study volcanoes are volcanoligist and the volcanonligist learn when earth quark start and measure expansion,and study volcano lava and study when volcanoes erupt.