Grade 5 BMS

Thursday, January 28th 2016

5th Grade News for the Parents by the Students!!

As you are aware, the Grade 5 students will be responsible for writing our Thursday flyer. This week, Grade 5D are the journalists. We hope you enjoy their report.
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Important Dates

17.1.2016 Family Literacy Day

29.1.2016 Report Cards issued (please note that report cards cannot be issued before this date)

1.2.16 - 7.2.16 Winter Break

9.1.2016 Carnival

17.1.2016 Three-Way Parent Conferences

Big News

Alessia Vogel loves singing. It's her passion. For 1 1/2 years she has been part of the Berliner Children's choir. She wanted to sing more and develop her singing skills further, so on Monday, Alessia was happy to have received an Invitation for an audition at the Staatsopera. She did very well and has been accepted in the main choir of the Staatsopera. She is thrilled and very excited. We are also very thrilled and excited for Alessia. Many congratulations to her!


In maths we have been learning about division and also measurement of perimeter.

An example of a division problem we did is 550/14 = 39 remainder 4.

Mr. Osatchoff showed us many division strategies that are very cool and interesting.

We learned to take the answer (the quotient) and multiply it with the divisor as a method of checking our answer.

We learned different technical words about division like: divisor, dividend, and quotient.

A few weeks ago, we learned about chunking, which is also a division strategy.

We have started exploring polygons, asking ourselves: What is a polygon? Irregular? Regular? What are the criteria? We know that a polygon is 2D, closed, and has straight lines. We have measured and listed the names of shapes with how many sides they have.

We're going to keep practising how to find perimeters and even missing sides in compound shapes.

Many of us are looking foward to making formulas with letters to find perimeters of polygons such as decagons (eg, D = 10s).

In addition, many of us are excited about exploring patterns and functions in by doing a fabulous Fibonacci fact find!

By Kalani, Lukas, and Julius

Reading and Writing

In addition to reading our own books, we have been reading about artists and elements of art. We've also been continuing with reading Wonder, which we immensely enjoy. (We're becoming quite skilled at interpreting the text for plot, language, theme, characters and setting).

We have written about Georgia O'Keeffe and the persuasive story, Varmints, about animals who need protection so that they can survive in the face of a threat against their habitat.


In German, we researched in books about art. We researched for key words and then we wrote a summary in our own words. The class also needed to answer questions about Hundertwasser; it was tricky but fun!

By Filippa and Alessia

Unit Of Inquiry - How We Express Ourselves

In this unit of inquiry, we learned about what art is. We learned that art can come in many different forms. For example:






We have been inquiry into many different artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Pablo Picasso's Guernica. We understand that art comes from within the artist and that it is often connected to social issues.

It takes time and passion to create artwork. Artists use different styles, techniques and elements of art to make their artwork unique.

By Nastasia, Anna, Luana, and Julia


What we did in sports:

Our first area of learning were games such as hit man, Mario, chain tag, volleball, and bench basket.

The second area of learning is gymnastics. We have been learning different types of gymnastics and how to warm up.

We learned how to do cartwheels, struggle roll, forward roll, and backward roll. After that, we learned how to combine them to make a little performance out of them.

By Linus, Flinn, and Jamiro


We have been drawing our own shoes in grey pencil from three different angles. Looking from above, side and back of the shoe, we colored our drawings with color pencils.

Some of us have started making another drawing to re-design our shoe.

By Emil, Lewis, Kai and Kushtrim

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Musical Performance!

We were singing Will's Wonderful Words, and it was amazing!

How to help at home

Interested in doing research?


We have been working on several websites like Mathletics or Raz-Kids and Khan Acadamy. These are always useful tools to help at home. The websites are: