Capoeira Roda @ Walt Disney Concert

Contra Mestre Parafina Amir Solsky and Prof. Guatambu

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Open Capoeira Roda for ALL Schools and Levels!

Saturday, Aug. 8th, 5pm

111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, California 90012

We are doing it again with a Free open roda... Open to any and all Capoeiristas hosted by Contre Mestre Parafina Amir Solsky​ from Capoeira Los Angeles Academy and Prof. Guatambu Michael Gregory Gonçalves Davis​ from UCAinLA. We invite you to bring your self, your capoeira, your friends,and your axé.

Let's have some fun!

Capoeira Los Angeles Academy

Contra Mestre Parafina Amir Solsky's Capoeira Los Angeles Academy offers a wide variety of classes and price plans. Check out our site for more info and First Capoeira Class is FREE for new students!