Trinka Hakes Noble

Author visit, March 31, 2017

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First up...4th Graders!!

Central School Students were so excited to welcome Trinka Hakes Noble to Central School today! Ms. Noble met with the 4th grade students. She focused her presentation on her historical fiction novel, The Scarlet Stockings Spy, which takes place in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. This story ties in perfectly with their current Social Studies unit of study, The Revolutionary War!

"Great writers are great listeners, listening to their characters come alive." -Trinka Hakes Noble

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"What a wonderful storyteller, spell-bounding!" - Mrs. Gallogly

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade Students

Trinka focused her presentation with kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd graders on her story, The Legend of the Cape May Diamond and Apple Tree Christmas. She shared her memories of a young child growing up on a small farm in Michigan. Her father gave her a professional drawing board one year and how that drawing board changed the direction of her whole life.

"In library, Mrs. Miller told us about Trinka's drawing board and I liked seeing the connection between that story and the actual book." -Billy Dietz

5th Grade Students

Trinka focused her presentation with the 5th graders on her story, The Last Brother, a Civil War Tale. This story focused on two brothers, Gabriel & Davie, who joined the Union Army. Gabe and Davie were heading to Gettysburg to face an equally strong opponent in the Confederate Army.
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3rd Graders!!

Our 3rd graders learned all about Trinka's personal narrative, The Orange Shoes! Students learned about how Trinka's real life experiences helped create the idea and background for this amazing story!