Water is good for you

How much water should you drink

Water is really good for you. If you drink eight 8-ounce glasses per day you will have a very healthy life and feel amazing.

Benefits of drinking water

Water does many things for you. It makes you lose weight, helps remove toxins from the body and improves your mood. Water also helps keeps your skin looking great, boost your immune system and prevents cramps and sprains. If you are thirsty you should chose water over pop because pop contains high amounts of sugar which is not good for you and your body. Water is the best drink over any other drink.

How water can be used on a daily basis

Water does many things for you, but is also used in our daily lives. We use water for brushing our teeth, taking a shower and also can be used for cooking food.

Fun with water

You can also have lots of fun with water. You can use water for water gun fights, water balloon fights and also using the sprinkler. There are also many other ways to have fun with water.


This is why you should drink water.