By Nicholas Rennhack

Region of Texas they lived in?

They lived in the eastern Texas near the Piney Woods Eco-region in the United States.They also lived near the Western Louisiana and the southern Oklahoma.

What type of food did the Caddo eat?

They raised corn,beans,and squish.The woman would pick food like acorns and black berries.they also ate fruits and veggies.

How was there food obtained?

They obtained there food by farming and hunting for it.

Type of dweling they lived in

They built giant dome shaped houses.

Weapons and/or tools they used

They used Bows and arrows.They also used rocks.

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion

They wore moccasins,they also had dances that they did.

Organization of Leadership

they had more than one leader.

Where are they located now or what became of them

they are located in Arkansas.

Unique Fact or characteristic

They fought with bows and arrows.