World vision

For children, for change, for life

The reason for World Vision starting up

World vision's activities have been focused on giving people - especially children, opportunities to alleviate their suffering and to improve their lives.

Past work of the charity

In 1947, American missionary Dr Robert Pierce travelled to China and Korea and encountered people who regularly had to go without food, clothing, shelter or medicine. During the Korean War in the early fifties, he helped set up orphanages to care for children who’d been abandoned or orphaned.

Past achievements of the charity


“I thought about our World Vision sponsored child, Mpho, from Lesotho in Africa. Because of our sponsorship, he was able to receive the medical attention he needed several years ago to cure a problem with one of his eyes. We have so many advantages in our country, which many of us take for granted. As Mpho’s sponsor, he has allowed us to share our blessings with him so he can go to school and live a healthy life, too, and I am grateful we are in a position to do so.”

Written By: — Amanda, 42, Lakewood, Washington

"One of my favorite letters came from the mother of our sponsored child, Lillian, who is two years old. The gratitude of the mother touched me to the core. She had traced Lillian's little hand print on her letter. I kept that hand print out to see for a long time. As a mother I was deeply touched receiving this from the mother of a child I care so deeply about. I saw how our sponsorship allows Lillian to live with her mother. I can think of no greater gift than giving a child the gift of staying with his/her mother and giving a mother the gift of caring for her own child."

Written By: — Kim, 39, Southern California. Sponsor since 2000.

About World vision

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