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I hope you all had a great week and your weekend has started off well. We had a fun week in the Bat Cave with a few special visitors! We have started working on earning ten turkeys as our next incentive challenge (we've earned three so far!) We have begun preparing our classroom for Grandparents Luncheon, which is this coming Thursday, November 19th. I'm sure the kiddos are excited, but I can promise you, I am just giddy with anticipation!

Something odd actually happened this week. All of my mini superheroes' name tags went missing and all of these numbers were found instead: on table spots and on kiddos! You'll have to read the Math Minute to learn more.

Our second book order was sent home this week. It's a great opportunity to start your holiday shopping early! You can send in your order to me at school with a check - no cash - or you can order online at with our class code GWKYM. Remember, every item you order, gifts our class with points towards free books for our classroom library!

Gray-New Gloucester Caring Communities is a group of local angels who help families in need within our community. They are looking for and in need of sponsors for the upcoming holiday. If you are able to help a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, please contact Christina at


Week of Nov 16th - Book Fair @ Memorial

Nov 18th - Early Release (Dismissal at 1pm)

Nov 19th - Grandparent Luncheon

Nov 24th - First Trimester of Kindergarten Ends

Nov 25th-27th - NO SCHOOL

Nov 26th - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dec 9th - Early Release (Dismissal at 1pm)

Dec 9th - Winter Concert @ GNGMS 6pm

One last thing: snacks (here she goes again about snacks!!) Again, I thank you all for being so helpful in sending in safe snacks. Just a reminder, even thought peanuts/treenuts, peanut butter, etc may not be an ingredient in a snack, does not mean that it's safe (totally complicated, I know!) The facilities that handle peanuts and peanut butter may also make other snacks that do not contain these ingredients, however, they're made on the same equipment as peanuts/peanut butter. So please keep being awesome at checking the ingredients, but also keep an eye out for the wording made in a facility that processes peanuts/treenuts. Be aware that if one brand of pretzel or cracker is safe doesn't mean another brand is safe.



Book Fair Information

A Book Fair will be held at Memorial School during the week of November 16th-20th (just in time for the holiday season)!

Tuesday, November 17th and Wednesday, November 18th will be preview days for students during their scheduled library classes. Students will be able to make a list of the books they are interested in purchasing at that time. Students will be able to purchase books during the school day on Friday, November 20th.

The Book Fair will be open to families on Wednesday, November 18th from 1pm-3pm (Early Release Day), on Thursday, November 19th from 9am-6pm, and on Friday, November 20th from 3pm-6pm.

The Patriot Parents are looking for volunteers to staff the Book Fair on Wednesday, November 18th from 1-3pm and on Friday, November 20th from 3-6pm. Please email Cloie Smith at if you are available to pick up a shift during those time slots.

The Patriot Players Presents the Musical : Irving Berlin’s White Christmas!

November 19th, 20th, 21st – 7:00pm

November 21st Matinee – 2:00pm

Admission – Adult $6.00, Student $4.00, Family $20.00

Gray – New Gloucester High School Cafetorium

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin, Book by David Ives and Paul Blake

*Irving Berlin’s White Christmas is presented through special arrangement with R&H

Grandparent Luncheon

Memorial School will host our annual Grandparents’ Luncheon on Thursday, November 19th. The lunch menu will include turkey and gravy, mashed potato, green beans, cranberry sauce, wheat roll, and dessert.

Lunch is $4 per guest.

Please RSVP with payment by November 11 and checks can be made payable to MSAD 15 Lunch Program. You may also send cash.

Grandparents of kindergarteners are asked to arrive at 10:30 for a classroom activity (lunch will follow at 10:50).

Grandparents are also invited to bring a new toy for our Memorial School toy collection when they join us on the 19th! Memorial School is gathering toys for the Caring Communities of Gray-New Gloucester who provide holiday assistance to many families in our own community. The toy collection will begin on November 19th and continue until mid-December.

We Honor Veterans

This week we talked about Veteran's Day, what a veteran is, and why we honor them. Our Scholastic magazine, Let's Find Out, was a great tool to help fuel our conversations and learnings. We learned there are five branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. We got to match military vehicles that would be helpful to each branch. We also got to watch a neat video about veterans.

The Literacy Lowdown

This week we worked on our fluency with letters and sounds. We continued with our same songs and chants, but mixed it up a bit. Kiddos would be given a letter and whenever I pointed to them they had to shout out their letter name in the middle of one of our songs. It was lots of fun because no one knew who would be next - so our focus was fantastic!

We also introduced the iPads into our literacy routine in a couple different ways. The first way was to explore some of the different apps that are preloaded onto our classroom iPads. There are apps that read stories. There are apps that are focused on spelling. There are apps that are focused on sight words. There are apps that are focused of segmenting words and their sounds. Our headphones are used with the iPads and we still have the expectation to grab a squirt of sanitizer (or wash our hands with soap and water) before touching technology.

If you have iPhones or iPads at home, try out these apps: ABC Ninja, SightWords Ninja, Sound Sorting, and SkyFish Phonics (pics below).

The second way we used iPads was to utilize QR codes. Say whaaaat??!! hah! Stay with me...

A QR code, or quick response code, is a type of matrix barcode that contains information which can be read by a camera or a scanner. How does this mean anything to a kindergartener??!! Well, these codes, once scanned by using a special app (shown to the right), direct us to a variety of different Thanksgiving/turkey read alouds! We have about a dozen different stories to choose from and it's been great practice for using this new cool tool. Our iPads and these QR codes allow us the opportunity to practice listening to reading, which will eventually be a part of our daily literacy rotations.

Word Wall Practice

This week we also learned about our word wall: the place where our sight words can be found. We practiced using the word wall during writing time, as well as for our sight word turkey project. Kiddos had to write one sight word on each feather for their turkey. A lot of friends were able to write our sight words without assistance, but when friends got stuck, they did a great job going to the word wall!

We will also be adding friends' names to the wall.

Big image


Zoe Hufnagel

This week we had the chance to learn a bit more about Miss Zoe. She brought in puzzle pieces for us to practice estimating and she shared her drawing how to books with us!

Full Name: Zoe Maya Hufnagel

Zoe has zero brothers and zero sisters. Her favorite color is rainbow. She enjoys playing with babies, drawing, and stacking wood (I know where's there's a big stack waiting for you Zoe!!) When Zoe grows up, she would like to be a teacher, work in a restaurant, be a mom, and work at a market. Her favorite thing to do in kindergarten is doing art. Zoe believes she is good at puzzles and running fast - and I have personally witnessed Zoe run fast....zooom!!

Great week Zoe!!

Big image
Zoe's mom and dad came into the Bat Cave to read us a few chapters from Zoe's favorite book, Sophie Mouse! We got very excited during those chapters because several of the characters' names in the story were the same names as some our names.
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Under Construction

This project is not quite finished, but I'll give you a sneak peek of what's to come for Grandparents....
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The Math Minute

This week was very exciting in regard to our math goals! Like I said above, our name tags went missing and these numbers showed up instead! We didn't have a Serenity, Gavin, Ellie, or Keenan this week. We had a 0, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20! Any ideas what our focus was?!?! NUMBERS IN THE TEENS!

We talked about those tricky teen numbers. We manipulated those tricky teen numbers. We wrote those tricky teen numbers. We created those tricky teen numbers. We counted, we sang, we used ten frames, we rapped....because that's what we do in the Bat Cave!

Our morning meeting included a game where we would all stand in a circle and we would count off by ones. When someone said the number of the day, that friend would have to sit. The counting would then start over. This would repeat until only one friend would be left, which they had to count to the number of the day, and they could then sit!

Our ticket out the door was to read a series of numbers, or one number that I would ask them to find, touch, and say.

Our teen number study will continue into next week as well, but I'd say we had a pretty good start!

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers)

Fire Safety in our Classroom

On Friday afternoon, we were able to meet a few of New Gloucester's volunteer firefighters. They stopped in to the Bat Cave to teach us about fire safety. Firefighter Scott talked with us about stop, drop, and roll (and cover your face), what to do in case of an emergency, who to call, and what information is important for us to know in case of an emergency. We practice fire drills at school so we know what to do in case of an evacuation, but it's also important that those fire drills and protocols are gone over at home too!

We also got to see some of the gear a fireman has to wear and why. Did you know a firefighter wears a special device that if he/she stops moving, because of injury during a fire, there is an alarm that will alert other firefighters that they need help?? We got to listen to the alarm. It starts out faint in volume and then the longer the firefighter isn't moving the louder the alarm gets.

We really enjoyed the firefighters' visit. They left us with pencils that change colors when used - brought me back to my elementary school days when hypercolor shirts were all the rage!


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