Weekly Launch

February 5-9


It's Learning for parents will go live on Feb. 5th. We are in good shape for this rollout. THe only thing we need to remember is we should have I can statements in the box when you attach your lesson plans. Your lesson plan box will not be visible. Just your date, week, I can statement and resources. You can attach additional homework in the resource column, sight word lists, math games, etc. When I check lesson plans, I will be checking to see if you have your I can statements in as well as your lesson plans.

Please remind your students of the hallway expectations. We have had very noisy lines lately(although there are some REALLY quiet classes)

Some things you can do with your class to support this could be:

1. Stop your class when they are noisy and wait(even if this makes them late)until they are quiet

2. Play a game with them-if they talk, you win. If you talk-they win.

3.Set a goal for no talking and celebrate when they reach it.

4. Have a morning meeting and brainstorm the reasons why we need a quiet hallway

5. watch You tube videos about walking in a line-


Don't forget that Rachel will be on campus on Tuesday, Feb. 6th. Please plan to stop in to visit with her during your block time and ask any questions you have about math!

Please remember that progress reports go home on Thursday. K-1 need to have a comment on their progress reports and 2-3 will be pulled straight from the gradebook. As usual, please be sure to reach out to parents about failing grades before Thursday.

Don't forget to check in on your Dreambox data!

PTA still needs some volunteers for the Pitch Burst game. You will not get soaked. Maybe a few splashes but nothing major!

Next week starts the Standards Based Grading Chats. Please do not feel like you need to sit at a team to watch/listen to these. You are welcome to have it on in your room to listen to while you work or go back and listen to the recording at a later time(maybe at home on your couch). You decide what works for you! There is good information that can come from the chats and you can ask questions!

Important Dates

February 5-wear college shirt

Benchmark-4th writing/5th reading

Standards Based Grading chat-2nd grade-3:45 p.m.

February 6-Rachel on campus

Math Teacher leader meeting

February 7-Jen B. off campus a.m.

Standards based grading chat-3:45 p.m.-3rd grade


February 8-Jen B. off campus all day

Progress Report goes home

Huddle-3:30 p.m.

February 9-Early Release

Valentine's Party 3rd and 5th

Feb. 10-School Fair 11:00-4:00-please be sure to plan on attending the fair!

Please consider participating in our NPE Teachers Great Kindness Challenge! See the document below for directions

School Counseling Appreciation Week-Let Mrs. Murray know how much you and your students appreciate her!

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Kindness

Word of the Month-Caring

Morning Announcements-Turrentine

Word of the Week-repetition

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Compliment Corner

Cari Brandt needs a compliment because she works tirelessly with all the students in the classroom-Hester Smith

Marti Chandler needs a compliment because: Absolutely loved the 2nd grade program! I love how intentional you are in selecting students that don't always get to shine but get a spotlight role in the show....and then they beam! Thanks for all the extra you and Miss Mills put into making it exceptional!-Heather Patterson

Sue Witt needs a compliment because not only did she bring back my lost word document, she also helped me with Swivl.-Susan Rizzo

Jeannie Neyland needs a compliment becausue she put together a great WRAD. I only saw the last author of the day and was super impressed. That was a lot of work I'm sure. What a great way to introduce books that kids haven't heard of !-Renee Rain

Shout Out

A big shout out to Jeannie and her team for an awesome WRAD! Thanks to everyone for tweeting out the sessions!

A big shout out to Marti for another great 2nd grade musical! I love Go Fish and the students did so good! The choreography was great!

A big shout out to all the teams who have visited other grade levels and grade levels for allowing visitors! I have loved hearing all the wonderful feedback from these visits. Like I have always said: "We are doing great work here at NPE and we can definitely learn from each other"!