technology in the classrom

benifits of the use of technology

the dawn of a new standard of learning.

“ Mobile learning can extend learning opportunities to students due to its flexibility and mobility” with the age of technology in a massive up-roar, no body has the time nor need for books! with any given bit of information at your finger tips, why waste the time skimming through the pages of and old out of date book? especially one written by the the state, even know they might seem legit, it is still and oppinion based source, not to say that the internet isn't. But you can withhold more valuable information that the text book may hide.

how the use of tecnology effects the students.

self-dependent learning solutions

the use of mobile technologies to expand the reach of teaching and learning to occur at any time or place. Irs to me builds reponsablily and respect for what you are offered.

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