Final Exam Review

World Geography

This event lead to introduction of new foods in western europe

The Colombian exchange

Why NAFTA and the EU was formed

So we can send and receive exports without a tax

How were the lives of Europeans impacted by their American counterparts in the Colombian exchange

Most people got better food and resources

How the cold war still affect the political landscape of europe

Some country's are still connected to Russia

The geographic circumstance that hamered Russia's success in foreign policy

Lack of warm water ports. (They are cold)

Major change in Europe, during the 1989 democratic elections of Lativia, Poland and Ukraine

Demonstrations broke out in east Germany and the wall was opened. Within a month the East German communists party was gone

After formation of the eu why was their a population shift

Started to migrate to Western Europe for better opportunity

Why North Africa is different from the rest of Africa

Separated by th Saharan desert

Negative impact of European colonization on South America and africa

They didn't care about ethnic lines. Later lead to wars, political unrest, dictatorship and corrupt leadership

Why there is African influence on the food and customs in the Carribean

It was a stop along the middle passage

How the Arab Spring changed middle eastern and North African states

They now have democratic governments. They get a LITTLE bit more of a voice

Because of foreign conquerors and physical features how Africa changed over the century

Europeans and Arabs brought religious beliefs

2 reasons Saudi Arabia is important aroun the world

Mecca and oil reserves

What Middle East has because of the limited fresh water

Leaders of de-salonization