Current Events

BJ Helgerson

Western Wisconsin

Three unfortunate passengers had they're SUV go through the Ice on Lake Onalaska. Luckily, all of them were fine and received no harm and were capable of retrieving the car. It just amazes me the stupidity of people. It was said there was a fishing contest that day, but really? Driving a car, and a SUV at that, onto ice never seems like a good idea. Hopefully these people learned from their mistake and won't be trying this again.

Wisconsin - Rescued from the forest

After spending two days in the wilderness of Northwestern Wisconsin, a Superior man is returning home. When the man, Craig Friebe, went snowmobiling on Saturday at 3 a.m. He ran out of gas and was stranded in the middle of the snow wonder land. He did not return home, so his wife called 911 and reported him missing after. Luckily even going through some tough spots, Friebe was able to stay alive by lighting multiple fires and moving in the direction of society. It seems he will be OK once he has warmed up.

United States - Gun Debate with Senator Leahy

One Senator out of Vermont, Patrick Leahy, is in a bit of a predicament. Back in 1994 he supported the ban on assault rifles and high round ammo, fair enough, but now in this new age of debate, he is thinking of pushing further and helping restrict gun purchasing laws. Now doing this could very well anger his home state who voted him to D.C. and he could find himself unwelcome back home. Will he follow through and fight for what he believes to be the path of Americans or be swayed by the wishes of his one state?

United States - Fawn Saved in Indiana

After two and a half years of caring for a injured fawn, a couple could face jail time because of their kindness. It is apparently against the law to take in a white tail dear and can be punished with 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. But wait, this couple took in an injured animal of which would have died, helped it recover and were hoping to release it back into the wild, best wishes intended for this animal, and yet they are now the bad guys? Something just doesn't seem right. That's where the loving community and country come in. Support is flowing in from multiple sources, Facebook, petitions, fundraising against the fine, people across the country see the good in what these people did and have come together in an attempt to help them against these crazy charges. Only time will tell what really happens to this couple, but I'm betting on the next 60 days at home.

World - Support for illegal immigration?

Senators from both parties announced a plan for helping immigrants with documentation, illegal immigrants, gain citizenship to America this weekend. This brings up a big debate between those for and against the issue. Those looking forward to this are most likely the immigrants who will benefit from this, as well as some business owners who can get away with hiring these workers for less pay than those they currently have or could employ. Which is one point from those against the issue. With giving these immigrants who did not follow the right procedure in the first place citizenship, even more jobs could be taken from those who are real citizens of America. Both sides have multiple meanings to their reasoning, but only time will tell what the right solution and answer will be.

World - Cannibal in North Korea

Reportedly a man in North Korea killed his two children while his wife was away, then attempted to feed them to her when she got back. This probably has something to do with the drought they experienced for a while, the government taking food from farmers and giving to those supporting the capital, and insanity. It is said this man was executed after officials found evidence of his craziness Just another reason why this world scares me, good job earth!

Sports - NHL Lockout is Over!

Long awaited by fans everywhere, the NHL Lockout s now over and players are returning to the ice. After a long awaited negotiation between players and owners a agreement was made where everyone is somewhat happy. Every team in the league will be playing with a total of 270 games over 99 day period. A 48 games season will still be possible but with no preseason. This is good for Fans, Players, and owners. Everyone is back to being happy watching, playing, and making the money.

Science / Tech / Health - Quadruplehelix DNA

After sixty years a group of Cambridge(UK) scientists have discovered and declared the thought to be hiding quadruplehelix to be existing. This they believe could very well help in the cure for Cancer tremendously. They could be capable of stopping cells from replicating and thus the cells causing cancer could hopefully be found and stopped to therefore limit the amount of cancer present in the cell and therefore person.

Your Interests - Xbox 720?

Not much of anything has been said from Microsoft about its newest creation. Yet, many rumors, inspiring thoughts and ideas are floating all over the internet and community. Microsoft have hinted that the new version will not be named the Xbox 720, and could very well be the simply put, Xbox. But along with any new creation, people have their hopes and doubts. Some of these being, what will this run like? Will it require a lot of memory and internet capabilities? What type of control can they come up with to improve the users comfort even further, or will they stay with the same controller as the Xbox 360? Only time will answer these questions, as well as many more, but sadly Microsoft has decided not to be very revealing in hints to their new master piece.

Your Interests - Black Ops 2 Revolution

January 29th, 2013 marks the date of release for the first DLC (DownLoadableContent) for Black Ops 2. This package comes with a New Map and Game Mode for Zombies mode, multiple new maps for multi-player, and even a new weapon of choice for multi-player. Everyone looking to purchase this DLC or who has already purchased the Season pass are excited for whats to come. It seems Treyarc have put some good effort into the first DLC and lets just hope it doesn't disappoint.