Safety Online

By Nikolas Douzenis

Your rights and responsibilities

Some of the steps for you to safe online are :

  1. Don't share any personal infromation with anyone online
  2. Don't add anyone on any social media site that you do not know
  3. And remember YOU are responsible about with who you share your codes and other personal information.
  4. To protect yourself from viruses you should download them from a trustworthy wi-fi zone .

Your rights online are :

  1. Anonymity
  2. To delete any of your information online
  3. Express yourself freely
  4. Report anything that may be offensive

You should not :

  1. Steal personal information from other people
  2. Be rude or offend anyone online
  3. Reveal private information about other people
Online Safety is Your Responsibility!

Security technoligies

Some security technoligies are :

  1. Biometric scanners. They are used by hackers to hack phones or mobile devices, and by banks to keep whatever that is in the safe safe.
  2. PIN numbers. PIN numbers is a numeric passwors shared between a user and a system, they are used to take money out of ATM's, therefore you shouldn't share them with anyone.
  3. Encryptions. An Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way so that only authorised parties can view.
  4. Forensic Computing. Computer Forensics is a part of a digital science connecting to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. It is the process of collecting, analysing and reporting on digital information in a way that is legally allowed. It can also be used to detect crime in any brawl where evidence is legally stored.