Makeup Mistake Number 4

10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

4. Blending Your Makeup Incorrectly

Most people agree that when you wear makeup correctly, it will not be overwhelmingly obvious that you're wearing it. That might sound like a contradiction, but makeup is meant to highlight your best features and downplay your flaws. If your makeup is too obvious, you simply need to learn about should never have obvious lines, it should be soft and blurry, each color fading into another. It should enhance the contours of your face, not outline them.

Blending Properly

  • Always put on your makeup in proper lighting
  • Always use the right tools, such as a round sponge or a soft brush
  • starting with the darkest point of your makeup, gently buff the makeup into your skin. Do this until you cannot see where one color stops and the other begins

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