Elementary Music Teacher

By: Sommer Wurtz

What Do They Do?

  • Elementary music teachers teach musical concepts like beat, rhythm and pitch to primary school students.
  • Students learn the art of singing and different types of musical instruments and different styles of music.
  • Teach students about the history of music and about famous musicians and composers.

  • They also prepare students for performances.


  • In a classroom
  • Possibly in an auditorium at times
  • In an elementary/primary school

How do you become one?

  • You need a teaching certificate and to be lisenced (public school).
  • Those interested in teaching music in an elementary school must be certified in elementary education and elementary music education.
  • A Bachelor of Arts in Music Education is preferred but a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in music may be enough.


About $53,400

Job Outlook

Projected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Similar Occupations

  • Preschool teachers
  • Elementary school principal
  • Librarians