Your Health Matters

By: Nawab

How many calories does I need in a day?

Teenage boys that are active walk almost 2-3 kilometres per a day. As I am a 13 year old active male, active children 9-13 need at least 2000 to 2600 calories per a day, stated by USDA®.

How much protein should I eat a day?

Research from The Institude of Medicine state that males and females aged 9-13 need at least 34g of protein/6 1/2 servings of protein per a day. Health Canada defines a serving as one egg,1/4 a cup of cooked beans, or simply tofu. Keep in mind, that the child's weights and age impact their daily intake of this nutrient as males aged 14-18 require 18 more grams.

How much physical activity do I need per a day?

According to KidsHealth®, it is recommended for teens aged 13-18 get at least 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity per a day. The physical activity vary depending on the weight of the person so you should always consider what you are capable of doing and that if it Is beneficial to your health.

What are three keys things I can do in my life to keep me healthy?

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are numerous things I can do. First and formost, I should exercise daily. There are many benefits to exercising. Things such as improvement of eyesight, stabled blood pressure, and lowered cholesterol are just some of the benefits to exercising. Secondly, I should get plenty of sleep. As I personally do not sleep enough, this is a major key to being healthy. As stated by WebM, teens 12-18 must have atleast 8-9 hour of sleep, while I have around 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping will help relieve stress and can boost my mood which I think would benefit me greatly in school as well. Last but not least, I should eat a variety of different foods everyday. Varying from broccoli, chicken, and breads, these foods will give nutrients such as iron,protein, and carbohydrates which can provide me with essential fuel for my body. In conclusion, I know that with these keys things, I can achieve a healthy livestyle.

What am I currently doing that is healthy for me?

There are many things I currently do to keep me healthy. First of all, I exercise daily for around 60 minutes. Exercises such as sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups help me strength my body and sharpen my mind. Lastly, I eat plenty of food each day. In order to maintain a good body, exercising is not the only major factor towards my health. Everyday, I eat foods varying from breads, yogurt, grapes, apples and even chicken on regular basis. I often refer the Canada's Food Guide to know what I should eat and how much. These are two major things I do currently to keep me healthy.

What do I need to add to my life to make me healthier?

In my life, I need to have more sleeping eat more protein. In order to get more sleep, I think I should create a schedule to help organize what I should do each day. This schedule should have times for when I eat my snacks, go take a shower,when I should complete my homework, and even the time for when I need to entertain myself. With this, I think I could keep a balanced life. Lastly, I think I should eat more protein and cut down on yogurt products. Since I know I get plenty of fruits,vegetables, and calcium from milk products, I think I should add more protein to my diet through eating chicken and alternatives such as cooked beans. With these two things, I can make my life much healthier than it is now.